In addition to TPE and Silicone, what other Materials for Making Sex Dolls?

Poorly inflated sex doll – Dutch wife

The name of the Dutch wife was actually given by the Japanese. The sex dolls made of simple fabric materials invented by the Dutch sailors were tribute to Japan, but the Japanese did not seem to be interested because the poor workmanship of the dolls was also marked. Dutch wife’s label. Later, people heard that Dutch wives refer to inflated dolls with poor workmanship.

French inflatable sex doll – the first male sex doll

In 1908, a French genius mechanic named Vaucansons invented the French semi-automatic inflatable doll with rubber and plastic. Later, the first inflatable doll for women was produced. Although the most advanced simulation dolls were made at the time, he had to discard the two dolls because France banned the sale of dolls at the time.

German inflatable sex doll – the predecessor of Barbie

We all know the history of Hitler’s inflatable dolls, because Hitler likes the female star Käthevon Nagy, and ordered the establishment of a sex doll factory to save the soldiers infected with sexually transmitted diseases. Later, after the war, German merchants made this doll into a more mini version, becoming a small toy for single men. Later, it was brought back to the United States by tourists to be transformed into a doll for the children at that time, which is Barbie.

The first Japanese sex doll – like a Dutch wife

We have learned the horror of the Dutch wife. But Japan’s first inflatable doll is also very scary, let’s take a look at it. This is the No. 1 Antarctic. Vinyl latex dolls that became popular after 1920 have always been so horrifying. This kind of doll material is similar to latex gloves, and can only be barely look like an individual. It is necessary to turn off the lights before use to reduce the psychological burden on the user.

It was not until 1970 that latex materials entered the love doll world like a savior, saving the straight man who was “incompetent” because of ugliness. The latex doll restores more details of the female body.

The sex doll development history

The society is developing continuously, and various new kinds of objects are attracting people’s eyes. In recent years, real doll have gradually entered people’s perspective. Today we’re going to cover the interesting history of the sex doll.

As we all know, at the beginning there was no entity doll, but first inflatable doll, and real sex doll is by inflatable doll innovation, development. The earliest inflatable dolls, invented in Germany and Japan in the late 1930s, were primarily used in the military.

When world war ii, Hitler in order to prevent German soldiers and occupation of the 5 “by the origin” line of women, eliminate venereal disease spread in Nazi army commander told Himmler, secretly developing a similar and female physiological structure of inflatable dolls, to the germans emergencies, this is the reason why inflatable doll come to this world the first.

sex doll

Hitler was so concerned about it that he made a very specific request for the inflatable doll: “she must have all the sexy looks of a young woman.” As a result of this kind of inflatable doll cost is low, one cent price one cent goods, product effect also makes a person satisfied impossibly, and the body and facial ministry some place still have edge and corner, feel odd poor, joint bends to still can appear serious deformation.

In the 21st century, simulation dolls, which we call realistic sex dolls, not only feel like skin, but also have flexible limbs and can be put into various attractive poses, but also have solid structure and good durability. People no longer need to worry about, now the entity sex doll has basically realized the ideal, the product not only texture is close to the real person’s skin, and the sense of touch is almost genuine.

Unexpected use of inflatable dolls

1.Life raft

When the floods in Australia struck, two 19-year-old thought of using inflatable dolls as a means of escape, but unfortunately they finally failed. In the face of floods, we can only rely on the big trees to wait for rescue. The police warned that inflatable dolls can not be regarded as a floating device. Of course, in the critical moment of life and death, we can not regard this as a child.

The same role of inflatable love dolls was also discovered and entertained by Russians. They use inflatable dolls as floating objects for swimming competitions, but in fact it is more like a game, I mean that they are struggling to get into the water and can really make you happy.

2. Raincoat
For Dutch artists, inflatable dolls can also be made into raincoats. A Dutch artist, Sander Reijgers, made raincoats from recycled inflatable dolls.

3.traffic control
In order to drive on The Carpool Lane, many people use inflatable dolls as their co-drivers. Because it is required to travel more than 2 passengers on such a road, the dedicated lane of the vehicle can be used. This is also for the environmental protection and energy saving of the traffic line.

In China, a woman tells an inflatable doll to be tied to a tree on her front door to distract the driver and slow down traffic. She put on a red dress for the inflatable doll, hoping to slow down the high-speed car in this way, and in fact her practice does work, the accident has been reduced since the woman made a compelling solution.

4. Scarecrow
In order to prevent the radish in the ground from being eaten by the deer, the farmer David Gray from the United Kingdom used the inflatable sex doll as a scarecrow. And said that this method is more effective than the traditional Scarecrow.

Sex Dolls Are Used for Strange And Rare Purposes to Meet A Variety of Other Needs

In the human mind, sex dolls are mainly used for sex to meet the physiological needs of human beings.But at some point, sex dolls can also use her talents in other ways.The purpose of buying realistic sex dolls has changed recently, and they do not mean only meeting the physical needs of men and women. They can also serve other purposes very effectively.

1.Sex dolls are used as scarecrows.

A farmer decided to pay 4.82 for inflatable dolls to be used as scarecrow.This is the traditional way to keep deer and other animals away from the fields.

“She did much better than my last scarecrow.“The last scarecrow I made with a tote bag at the end of the stick,” said a happy man.He was happy to use realistic sex dolls as scarecrows.

There are also farmers in SiChuan, China who use sex dolls as scarecrow. A local rapeseed farmer puts muddy sex dolls in a green leaf to ward off crows and other harmful insects.

sex dolls

2.Sex dolls become a spy gimmick.

The use of sex dolls can be traced back to the cold war, when cia agents used them to trick the KGB.From 1977 to 1979, walter mackintosh, still the head of the disguise department, came up with the idea of using happy dolls as bait.The dolls have been modified to look like men, wearing the right clothes and equipped with airbag technology to pop out of the container, such as a child’s “jack” or JIB.

The central intelligence agency and a fierce war between the Soviet KGB, adopted the sex doll meets the needs of human reality, in accordance with the appropriate shape and size production, realistic sex doll has played a vital role.

3.Sex dolls are used as rafts.

Australian police and national emergency services have been called in for help after a woman and a man decided to use inflatable dolls to float in a flooded river.The woman lost her sex doll and held on to a tree until rescuers arrived to help her.

sex doll

Lithuanians celebrate the national men’s day by taking part in swimming competitions, where sex dolls are used as rafts.

4.Love doll solve safety problems for women traveling alone.

Women are often warned about independent international travel.Unfortunately, women are more likely than men to be victims of sexual harassment and assault.

Most women don’t like traveling alone.They found that the real sex doll was a great companion in the long, lonely drive.Besides pretending to sit next to the driver, they are also a good way to deceive those who think the love doll is real.This process, in turn, gives female drivers a sense of protection.

love doll

5.As a movie star.

In The movie Lars And The Real Girl, a paranoid young man begins to form an unconventional relationship with The love dolls he buys on The Internet.Movie stars Ryan Gosling and Bianca, the same love doll in item 5 of this list (she’s famous!)

6.Prevention of syphilis during World War II.

Syphilis and gonorrhea were serious problems during the second world war because many German soldiers contracted them after sleeping with French women.The head of the party’s guard, heinrich Himmler, said the widespread presence of French prostitutes posed the greatest danger to Paris.The Borghild project, therefore, aims to develop prototype love dolls for the German army to control STDS.

The love dolls are inflatable, gold, blue-eyed and can fit into a soldier’s backpack.Unfortunately, the soldiers quickly refused to carry the dolls because they feared they would be found if captured by the enemy.

The Development of Sex Doll

Sex dolls have the same figure and appearance as a real woman. Body proportions are carefully calculated, so sex dolls are more sexy and perfect than women. The skin is soft and smooth and has a shiny finish. It is simply a beautiful reproduction of a real woman.

The history of realistic sex doll is very interesting. If you are interested, you can explore with me, the mystery story behind realistic sex dolls.

Sex doll are also known as inflatable doll, Dutch wife, and love doll. Inflatable dolls are the first to enter the field of vision. During World War II, it was rumored to have been launched by the Nazis. All men in the army were male, so the soldier’s sexual desire was not released. Many soldiers went out to find prostitutes, which also caused the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. In order to prevent STDs from spreading in the military, an inflatable doll was distributed to all soldiers. Inflatable doll made of PVC plastic, bright color, light weight, can be folded, easy to carry. Many people question this claim because of the lack of evidence.

Another source said that sex dolls were invented by Dutch sailors in the 17th century. They were isolated during the voyage, so they brought masturbators. During the Rangaku period, the Dutch sold some of the dolls to the Japanese. They call it “the Dutch wife.”

Until the middle of the 20th century, the production of “realistic sex doll” began to be popular in adult sex shops, and the inflatable dolls became the main product of many adult sex shop. At the end of the 20th century, realistic sex doll manufacturing technology has been progressing and gradually replacing PVC with silicone and rubber in order to obtain a more realistic texture and touch.

By 1996, the American company , had introduced a solid latex silicone sex doll that provided greater posture and a more durable end product.

Sex dolls are for anyone interested in it. Customers who buy it include those who want to improve their sex life, single men, photographers, collectors, filmmakers, scientists, health professionals, future artists, and more.

The future of sex dolls will be developed in artificial intelligence, with a variety of functional sex robots.Samantha and harmony 3.0 are typical examples of artificial intelligence robots. Talking with people, interacting, learning, these things are very simple for them. Humans are still developing sex robots that can do housework and reproduce, and the road is so far away that one day it will become a reality.

Silicone sex dolls are designed for sex.However, some men think they are more than that.To them, the silicone sex dolls represent friendship, even lifelong companionship.