The secret of women’s anti-aging

Many women do not hesitate to spend their skincare in order to retain their old looks. In fact, the source of aging is the reproductive system. The reproductive system controls the hormone levels of women. When the level of female hormones gradually decreases with age, the symptoms of aging will begin to appear. Therefore, anti-aging needs to start with the care of the reproductive system.

  Reproductive health foundation of women’s health

  If there is a problem with reproductive health, there will be a problem with the face. The two have a great relationship. The female reproductive system is not only the birthplace of life, but also an important place for sex life, or the production workshop of women’s beautiful hormones-estrogen. Whether its health is directly related to women’s beauty, youth, and health.

  The definition of reproductive health put forward by the World Health Organization is: reproductive health is not only a reproductive process without diseases and disorders but also a physical, psychological, and social intact state under which reproductive processes are completed. The introduction of the concept of reproductive health in my country is in recent years. Although the topic of reproductive health is far less difficult than before, people’s understanding of reproductive health has been unsatisfactory.

  ** Valves to resist viruses

  ** is like a small village in a woman’s body, and a lot of probiotics in ** are the guards who defend this village. It is precise because of their resistance to various viral bacteria that women can be healthy.

Women’s ** itself is weakly acidic. Once this delicate acid-base balance is damaged by the external lotion or the alkaline lubricant of the condom, the health guardian of probiotics will be greatly reduced. Women **It will become an unprotected path for virus intrusion.

  Secondly, women** are the main organs of sex life. Happy and harmonious sex life can keep women’s body and spirit happy and relaxed for a long time, so that beauty and youth are not easy to fade. A 10-year study in England proved that middle-aged people with harmonious sex life look 12 years younger than their peers who have fewer sex lives.
Ovary, a beautiful factory

  The ovaries can produce estrogen, which makes the woman’s facial skin smooth and delicate, white and rosy, and keeps the toughness and elasticity forever.

  The ovary is one of the important endocrine glands in women. The main ** is to secrete female hormones and produce eggs.

   For example, when a woman matures, she secretes estrogen and progesterone, and under her influence, menstruation comes. At the same time, estrogen can promote the development and maintenance of female reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics. It can be said that women can rejuvenate their youth and vitality, and the role of ovaries is indispensable.

  However, after middle age, women’s ovaries begin to decline. At this time, the number of ovulation decreases, hormone secretion levels decrease, and even menstruation stops, the breasts become soft and atrophy, other sexual characteristics degenerate, and the internal and external genitals atrophy. Women also gradually lose their former youthful glory.

  The ovary is a factory that produces estrogen. Estrogen is a woman’s beautiful hormone and young hormone so that women have soft skin, beautiful hair, and a vibrant body.

  Once a woman becomes an adult, as her age increases, her ovaries will gradually decline, and eventually, she will stop producing estrogen. This has caused great trouble for women, and there will be a series of female-specific physiological changes and diseases. Such as irregular menstruation, abnormal menstrual flow, facial flushing, and other symptoms.

  That is to say, once the ovaries age and the estrogen secretion is disordered, women’s health will also encounter various problems.

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