The selection of male dolls designed for women is now very limited

1、A male doll designed for a women

Over the past year or so,the market for male dolls has suddenly become hot,with many sex robot companies offering their own male dolls.

For example,a male doll named zack was recently released to great attention,and he came out with an elaborate biography and set off a market boom.

Zack,currently on sale in a doll house in Canada

A los angeles-based sex dolls maker Sinthetics, also recently launched three male doll,Akira,with sexy freckles,Willliam and gabriel,like lenny,kravita and mark consuvino,respectively,just squinity.

Each doll is customizable,tintin comes in different shades and sizes,as wellas upright and relaxed options,and,of course,sells for a very sexy price,the base price is$6750,excluding upgrades and shipping.

Another AI company,a realboticx,raleased a robot called Henry last year.

Male sex robots from realboticx

when Brian gill founded silicon wives,an e-commerce platform,in 2015,he didn’t even know there were male dolls,about a year ago,with the female doll business booming,jill decided to try selling male dolls,too.silicon wife now offers four types of male dolls,mainly made by a factory in zhongshan,china.

Hunter,a muscular man wrapped in a bath towel, folded his brands across his chest and staring at the camera like a bossy excutive.

Ethan,who looks like the new breed of puppy,has a precocious,headstrong childishness that makes you suddenly overprotective of your mother’s love.

Patrick,by comparison,has silver hair and loooks a bit like a vampire.

Liam,who is a big doll but doesn’t know if life is good or not,has an empty but satisfied expression on his face.he looks like a cowboy,as you can see from the picture.

three male dolls on a silicon wife

There is also a forthcoming doll with an early James apader bad-boy look.the dolls retail for$2000 each.

Silicon wife has launched a more masculine doll,which has yet to be named

Like Zack,most of the boys have their own personal biographies,which mention sexual gratification and commitment,Hunt’s introduction,for example,highlights his sparse career and his current search for a full-time playmate and life partner,a bit like a dating site.

2、i slept with the world’s fiest male doll

Back in 2016,Vice guest columinst carly sholtino took a field trip and made a video about sleeping with the world’s first male doll.

making the world first male doll

in this video,she visits a factory that makes male dolls and finds a female customer who is willing to appear on camera.

doll factory

According to the head of the men’s doll factory,their dolls are mainly sold to local women in the united states,the more closed areas,such as Texas,the more women will buy male dolls.

communicate with customers to customize the doll

They like customized male dolls, and some even send photos of their favorite men, so that the factory can make them deeply customized according to their own needs. They prefer the dolls with a slight flaw to the perfect body, which makes them more real.

Of course, these dolls can be expensive in 2016, with a custom doll costing $13,500.

Carly sholtino managed to find a woman willing to appear on camera and share her experience buying and using male dolls. Jessica Ryan is a sex worker. According to the actress, who happens to be in a long-distance relationship with her partner and doesn’t want to hook up with men on tinder for sex, the doll is just the thing for her.

Jesscia took part in the interview

In addition, she also made some videos of sex with dolls and put them on porn websites, which I thought might help to get the money back.

At the end of the video, the men’s doll factory created a new male doll for carly sholtino, who tried it out in the video and gave her feedback that, apart from the lack of immediate interaction, the doll’s feel and love experience were “completely human.”

I slept with my first male doll

The nice thing is, I posted a screenshot of the video to the Yummy member group, and one of my younger sisters, who has a low profile, said she had bought a steel silicone doll made of a similar material. Our entire group immediately went wild, asking about her experience.

COCO (pseudonym, Yummy user) says that as a lala, she buys girls.

“She’s got a nice body, big breasts, soft and can pose, and she gets to play with tofu. In addition to xoxo, daily will also be used to cuddle together to watch movies, as a leg pillow. The downside is that you don’t have a body temperature because you use lubricant and it’s not very easy to clean.”

Now that she was off the shelf, she replaced the doll’s sister with a brand new part and gave the doll to a friend.

3、What do women want

But women’s options today are still very limited.

In the sea of silicone dolls, there are usually only two or three male ones.

When Brian gill founded silicon wives, an e-commerce platform, he didn’t even know there were male dolls. As the name of the platform suggests, he is entirely focused on the market for women’s dolls that serve men, with a wide range, many made in the us, China and Japan.

The dolls are mostly haute couture and can even be sold individually for special parts, such as a plane cup shaped like a woman’s ankle.

A simulated foot mold with the same function as an airplane cup

On the silicon wives website, you can find beautiful dolls from different manufacturers, including the big ass sex doll, the Japanese leggy doll, the fat ass cougar doll and ivanka: Russian sex doll.

Like Sinthetics and RealDoll doll maker, tend to make women look more fantastic creature and therefore less consider specific role type, instead of focusing on research and development a series of different types of face and body, or you can according to individual be fond of, to “waist, fat, big chest, a pretty face” as a design standard to innovation.

A popular female doll

These life-like female love dolls are also popular with a large number of male clients.

We found data from China, where the sales director of a doll simulation company said the company has more than 220,000 members in its online forum, with a male to female ratio of 65:35. More than 90 percent of consumers who buy dolls are men, with men aged 22 to 55 making up the majority of buyers.

So what about the market for girls?

So far, it has been shown that sales of these male dolls are much lower than those of female dolls, with only a few being sold each month.

Realbotix founder matt McMullan says he sells only about 40 boys a year — about 10 percent of his business. Neither the chiseled cheek stubble of a doll, the inverted tintin of a human model (both circumcised and uncircumcised), nor the handsome shots of a man smoking a cigarette or playing a guitar have made these boys a hit.

This has led doll designers, salespeople and manufacturers to Muse, too eager to know the answer to the question: what do straight women really want?

Jill, who runs silicon wives, has received feedback from clients complaining that the dolls are not ‘manly’ enough (because they start with short women’s hair). Other women complained about tintin’s size – some thought it was too big, others too small.

As for the height of the male dolls, they are generally around 1.75 meters. Not all customers think they are tall enough, but raising them up is a challenge because they are already very heavy, about 40 kilograms.

It seems that female customers who buy male dolls are harder to please than those who buy female ones, which is why Vice’s video emphasizes that women prefer customized, private dolls.

Why is it so hard to promote sex dolls among women?

One of the dominant dualistic explanations is that men are more prone to sexual hunger and thirst than women, that they are visual animals, that they are used to sex and subjugal love… Women, on the other hand, prefer to be caressed gently – a difficult procedure for silicone products.

The implication is clear: men are hunters, women are prey. Men are obsessed with “manipulating” objects: figurines, for example, and apple pie from American pie – while women need emotional connection.

But this view also ignores the fact that 1) many women can have sex without being on a rose-petal-strewn bedspread in the dark, and 2) many men like to cuddle, not just have sex — even if it’s not with flesh and blood.

“If we accept a patriarchal explanation that the only preference men have for women is sexual value, then the apricot doll is a good substitute.” Shelly roennan, a sociologist at haverford college. “But I think it’s a bit much.”

The reason women are buying fewer sex dolls may have less to do with sexual preference, RON said. “Women earn less than men, and these dolls are very expensive,” she said. In addition, “under the pressure of social norms, women may be ashamed to admit that they want to have them, and may not consume pornography as frequently as men.”

To put it bluntly, women don’t have enough room to enjoy their bodies, let alone sex dolls.

What Yummy wants to say is that more and more women are realizing that the purpose of sex is not only to procreate, but also that the release of sex need not be the same as the development of a relationship.