“The Craziest Fantasy” – Japanese Sex Robot Brothel Opens

Recently, a Japanese robotic brothel opened in Nagoya. They work with real doll vendors to provide customers with the most ideal sexual services. This is actually not the first similar service center in the world, and this is not the last one. It will also be seen in Russia, Spain and Italy.

As a realistic sex doll it can provide your customers with a future sex experience. They can also be dressed as your favorite anime characters. Clothing can also be chosen by customers. Head-to-toe dressing can be decided by yourself. It sounds great. Imagine the space, indeed, you can think about what those sexy looks are like.

In addition, they will also prepare special services for customers with different sexes, or accept special requests from customers. For example, customers who accept both male and female sex dolls are also considering this issue. In addition, there are currently hot customized sex dolls or multi-functional sex dolls that are excluded due to price. Sexual doll brothels are often very popular with many consumers at a lower price and with a good environmental experience. Japan’s service as a country with a very developed pornography industry is naturally welcomed by more people, and more advanced dolls will be introduced in the future.