Teach everyone how to buy adult sex toys for both sexes

Because adult products are relatively special items, how to buy a sexy adult product suitable for yourself on the Internet? Many people have no experience in buying, do not know how to buy, how to avoid buying fake products?

  1. It is recommended that you choose a well-known brand when buying, so that it is guaranteed in terms of quality and safety, especially some products with thorns and beads, encountering fake and inferior products, it is easy to use in the process of use Shedding off and staying in the female vagina has serious consequences.
  2. Material of adult products: The material is generally divided into hard plastic, soft rubber and silicone, and so-called “virtual skin texture”. Hard plastic and soft rubber products have no smell, and silicone products have a smell, sometimes even heavy. This is brought by the material itself, if it feels that it is a quality problem, it is a misunderstanding. Usually, the taste of these products will fade after being put on for a few days, or rubbing with alcohol before use can also reduce the odor. Virtual skin products are mostly used in solid dolls and half-part inverted products. This kind of product feels good, and it is very realistic to imitate the folds of the skin. However, because of the characteristics of the material, some friends found that “wrinkles” should be produced in places where there are no “wrinkles” after purchase. Kind of misunderstanding.
  3. The price of adult products: adult products are the same as other products. For a penny or a penny, the more functions, the higher the price. It is normal for the prices of different products to differ in different places. This does not mean that high prices are genuine products and low prices are imitation goods. Because different evolution channels, different product positioning, and different sales methods directly affect the sales price. But it does not rule out the situation of selling dog meat by hanging sheep’s head. At present, Pingu’s products can be verified by phone or online. There are also some aphrodisiac products that can be verified online. As long as you follow the methods in the package or instructions, enter your product’s anti-counterfeit barcode.
  4. Quality inspection of adult products: Generally speaking, a product can only be known if its quality is good or not. However, in view of the particularity of adult products, once used, it cannot be refunded. So how do you know if the product you purchased has quality problems?

Method one: See if the appearance is cracked, scratched, or defective.

Method 2: Install batteries on the electric appliances, turn on the switch, and see if the appliances expand and contract normally, vibrate, rotate, swing, etc.

  1. Repair and maintenance of adult products Electric appliances are generally repairable, you only need to send the product back. Adult products should be disinfected with alcohol before use, cleaned after use, and then stored in the original packaging to avoid contamination and cause discomfort to your body.

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