Physical doll maintenance must see


Physical dolls are a luxury item at the moment. They’re a new industry, so there are people who don’t know how to care for them. It’s really easy to maintain a physical doll and just pay attention to the points I mentioned.

  1. How to store physical dolls: In our factory, we usually hang and lie down (we must put back the action of opening mold for better protection).
  2. Physical dolls must be protected from high temperatures and uv rays (not to mention dolls, other objects can also undergo physical changes under high temperatures and intense sun exposure)
  3. The environment is also directly related to the damage of the physical doll, so avoid the environment with much humidity and dust. (Just leave it alone without any discomfort, no special requirements) The powder on the physical doll will also protect the doll!

Notes on how to clean physical dolls:

Can a physical doll be thrown straight into the bathtub? Yes, but make sure you protect the area from flooding. Be sure to dry with a non-shedding cloth towel after washing and then powder it. Otherwise, wash it again. (I don’t have to explain what happens to the undried parts.)