Can the head of a physical doll be universal?

The head of the doll is interchangeable from the point of view of installation. As it stands: 1 meter to 3 meter dolls are small dolls with common heads 4 meter to 6 meter dolls with common heads for large dolls.


Does the head drop makeup after factory makeup? The makeup of the head is in general circumstance won’t drop, as be used at ordinary times and clean process, makeup can become gradually weak. In addition, eyelashes are very easy to remove, need to be more careful at ordinary times.

Can the doll stand up? sexrealdoll dolls can stand under certain conditions, but it is difficult for inexperienced people to do so. Please try carefully to avoid damaging the doll. If necessary, make sure the sole of your foot is completely on the ground, and wear shoes to avoid damage to the sole of your foot. We do not recommend that the doll stand for a long time. If there is a need for the doll to stand, please customize the soles of the feet.


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