The most anticipated artificial intelligence product-sex robots

Humans do not want to create AI dolls like real people, but we are still pursuing intelligent robots that are infinitely close to humans, as they exist in science fiction movies.

China has been investing billions of dollars in the artificial intelligence market, including Chinese sex doll companies. Sex dolls with movable eyes, arms, torso have been manufactured since 2016. The AI ​​in the doll can talk a lot and answer questions. In addition, the biggest attribute of these realistic sex dolls is that they can be customized according to customer needs. With the continuous improvement of AI technology, I believe that they will have more natural limb movements.

Sexual activity and the sex industry have taken almost every express train of human history development, and it almost always sits in the forefront of the carriage. Without further ado, the development of the Internet alone has an inseparable relationship with the development of the sex industry. VR equipment is gradually becoming popular, and adult movies are also the only video content that has been produced in large numbers and widely disseminated. In fact, when Google Glass was just launched in 2016, an adult app store, “Mikandi,” immediately launched its first adult app, designed for glasses.

The sex industry has never given up trying in this regard, but adults are always practical first. Such as inflatable sex dolls, it is said that its earliest design concept was proposed by Hitler as a “welfare” for German soldiers. After the war, this product entered the civilian field, and the development of commerce catalyzed its rapid iteration. At the end of the 1950s, it could already have a preset recording built in. It was the earliest attempt of sex products in “interaction” . Then the explosive development of technology made the details of inflatable dolls more and more realistic.