The correct mentality is a manifestation of healthy sex life

Recently, we have always seen some news about sexual misconduct. We do not analyze and comment on this matter, but in the case of sexual mentality, make a “sex prejudice”, “sex confusion” and “sex attachment”. Simple understanding.

Sexual prejudice

Prejudice is an old idea. Sexual stereotypes are related to regional ethnic religions and the state. Some appear to be “sexual discrimination” against women. But stereotypes do not distinguish between men and women. The more typical sexual stereotypes are:

Prejudice 1. In the process of sex, men must be active and women must be passive.

Everyone knows that both sides of love are equal. The sexual concepts inherent in the sex process are always considered that men must be active. If a man is not active, it is the main performance that is not interested or optimistic about the woman. Some people even suspect that they are not active. ‘S male physiology is definitely in trouble.

In fact, men are sometimes very timid. He is afraid that his outburst will hurt women, and that he does not behave like a gentleman. He wants to give the other party a good impression, and he dare not cross the Leichi. A man’s “kindness” is misjudged to be inactive.

Regardless of that national concept, women must be passive, otherwise, they will be looked down upon by men, and even the jokes will become “lascivious”.

Prejudice 2. Women should not have sexual desire, even if they should, they should not show it, they should suppress it.

This is a kind of discrimination. The physical condition of a person is the same. Why do we have to demand women?

Preconception 3. Women should not pursue pleasure and orgasm during sexual intercourse

This article is deeply entrenched in the previous man and believes that women have to be subtle in the face of pleasure to converge, so the climax will not be considered.

The sex life has changed a lot now. 70% of people think that synchronized orgasm is the best, and it is natural for women to have an orgasm. Otherwise, our adult products industry will have no market. Sexual life is deformed.

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