Can condoms really prevent sexually transmitted diseases?

In recent years, the number of female STD patients has increased rapidly, and the ratio of male and female STD patients has now reached 1.4:1. History has proved that it is not 100% competent to prevent sexually transmitted infections. Condoms are usually made of rubber, and condoms of reliable quality should be used whenever possible.

In addition to male condoms, female condoms can also be used according to the situation. Using condoms correctly and every time can effectively reduce the chance of contracting STDs or AIDS. Moreover, the condoms currently on the market have different shapes, colors, and tastes, so using condoms during sex can increase the interest of sex life. In order to protect yourself and love your sexual partner, you must use a condom during sexual contact regardless of vaginal sex.

Proper use of condoms can not only prevent contraception, but also reduce the chance of contracting STDs and AIDS, so the prevention effect must exist, but in the actual use of condoms, the failure rate is as high as 10-15%, nothing is 100%, only Correct use can make it work.

Myths about condom use:

  1. Be careful not to wear condoms. Generally speaking, wearing condoms is usually in the pre-play stage of flirting and sexual desire. When wearing a sleeve. Inadvertently scratching the condom with a fingernail or ring, causing the ultra-thin condom to fail.
  2. Improper use of lubricants: It is observed that if mineral and vegetable oils such as petrolatum and ordinary lotions are applied to the condom surface, the strength of the latex condom will be weakened within 5 minutes.
  3. The range of sexual intercourse is too large, causing the condom to rupture.
  4. Improper storage, condoms will lose their strength when exposed to strong light, high heat, humidity, and ozone. If exposed to strong light for 5 hours, the condom rupture rate can reach 20%. When stored in a tropical climate for 42 months, the condom rupture rate is 49%.

Condoms are able to reduce the chance of contracting STDs but note that we are talking about the correct use of quality condoms from regular manufacturers. If you choose a quality that is not qualified, it will certainly not achieve the effect of prevention. So pay attention to this. If you are sure that you cannot avoid dangerous behavior, use condoms with extra care.

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