Over the past 15 years, the sex doll industry has evolved from producing cheap novelty items to creating a multi-million dollar industry featuring high-end, realistic love dolls. The manufacturers and consumers of this product are all over the world. Since 1996, the most famous sex doll company in the United States has sold more than 3,500 dolls worldwide, and sales in 2009 exceeded $ 2 million (“Abyss Creating Personal Communication”, October 4). 2010). Modern sex dolls made of silicone that resemble flesh sell for between $ 3,500 and $ 10,000. Although the main function of these dolls is superficially sexual in nature, the owners of the dolls describe varying degrees of emotional attachment to their sex dolls. From identifying their doll as a life partner, to describing their doll as just a novelty

There were customers who wanted to be able to customize real dolls that are exactly the same as those they love. Because customization requires special technical support, and the price is relatively expensive. What’s more, custom real sex dolls are not real people, they can’t be exactly the same as real people, so the end result is just like the love doll you want.Having a sex doll can help you find inner peace in meditation and make yourself happier when you fall asleep. Night is just a great protective cloak for falling in love with real sex dolls, especially during the week when people sleep because of work.

Unable to accept the departure of the lover, when it can truly realize the human technology, but when it can create the same love dolls as their wives, but even if they are similar, they can be satisfied. Time to get rid of a shorter sad life.