SM = perverted?

In the face of chili, no one will criticize the stimulus of chili to taste. In the face of bungee jumping, no one will ridicule people’s pursuit of extreme sports; in the face of abusive love, some people like to follow the rules, and some people like to break the rules.
But facing SM, many people will equate with metamorphosis.

“SM” exactly refers to “BDSM” used to describe some human sexual behavior patterns, it is the first letter of a collection of multiple phrases.
According to a Finnish study, more than 40% of the BDSM population realized that they had this orientation before the age of 18, so the cause of BDSM may not have much to do with the impact of social culture on people.
However, evolutionary biologists have explained to BDSM as the phenomenon of primates “seeking higher courts”. In short, S is a party with a higher social class but more dominant resources. : Marriage with higher ranks is more conducive to future generations, so in the long biological evolution
Primates have formed an instinct to have a strong sexual urge to higher-order people. This may be the mental motivation of the M side, but it may also be the biologist’s self-emotion.

SM didn’t deserve a name at first

In fact, more than one civilization has been or is conservative about “sex”. Therefore, in the past, the DBSM medical community was regarded as “heterogeneous” and “morbid”. After being stable, more outgoing, more receptive to new things, and more responsible, they immediately humped and said: SM is actually just some people’s leisure activities in their spare time.

So since it ’s not a disease, it ’s just entertainment, so what do you want to do? No, if you want to join this kind of play, you also need to bear the risk. When your body feels numb, you need to know to loosen it in time, otherwise, you will not be able to play.

No matter how hot it is at night, you need to use low-temperature candles, otherwise, it will be very embarrassing to be burned by your friends. Don’t pick up things and put them in your body. If you don’t, you need to go to the emergency department overnight to become big news.

How to play happily

First of all, BDSM must be “you love me,” otherwise this is a crime, SM does not blame sexual violence! In a real BDSM relationship, comfort and trust are the rules of the game. Please set your “safe words”. Once you feel uncomfortable, you should stop immediately when you say safe words.

Please upgrade your personal consumption. Your “kitten” needs high quality. Use a safe collar. SM is a physical task. Please do not work in a state of physical exertion. Forcibly play to avoid unpleasantness. Finally, you need to partner with you. Learn together, explore, and practice hard.

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