what are physical dolls made of

Pure silica gel is extracted from ore,is a natural raw material (si), by chemical vulcanization molding,material cost is high,after the formation can not be recycled and refused,widely used in industrial is smooth and elastic in nature,closer to the touch of human muscles.


The biggest advantage is not easy give out oil,add molecule close,so not easy dye,also not easy dirty,more important is not easy crack damage,use fixed number of years 5~10 years above.Europe,the united states,Japan mainly use this material,the price of dolls will often exceed 200000.Can heat the silicone doll must use pure silica gel,heat resistance up to 260 degrees,or the doll after heating the possibility of metamorphism,deformation.Platinum (platinum) vulcanzation agent for vulcanization,belongs to the high level of imported raw materials,the process will not produce excess toxins,and has more excellent antibacterial force.Non-toxic,tasteless, anti-discoloration,anti-aging,long life,so it is the best silica gel,and can be used in medical supplies or food equipment.

TPE is a kind of plastic,the largest amount of land-made doll material,there is no other reason,price advantage,and in the production of high temperature melting heat molding,damage can be repaired,the remaining material can be recyled,so the yield is high,can be said to be the replacement of pure silica gel.The material is very soft, pinched dolls can be as deep as the skeleton,and are more likely to be damaged by impact or sharp cuts.plastic itself is inelastic,so plasticizers need to be added to soften it.it has obvious odor and produces oil,so it cannot pass food safety standards.

The biggest drawback is to give oily rate taller,need to go up more talcum powder to get ridof sticky feeling,smudgy also be more easy to be infected with,year is a long time,give oily overmuch,material can change,besides hair is sticky, smelly, moldey, have the possibility that crack happens.

the service life is 1~3 years.


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