Sex doll “clone”

As the popularity of celebrity dolls declines, models that look like everyday people are rising.

According to manufacturers of silicone sex dolls, customers are more inclined to choose cloned dolls for people they know. Although the customer’s requirements are different, their imagination is more common. In addition to the real human face sex dolls, they are more of a person who wants to be familiar with the appearance.

Through such a customized service, customizing a dream sex doll only needs to provide photos, and the designer will ask for details about the character’s characteristics, so as to maximize the restoration of the true love doll in the customer’s mind.

Sex dolls or customized dolls for real human faces. Is this legally allowed?Usually this should be rejected because everyone’s image rights are protected. The “clone” service or custom service requires permission to the real person, just as they can’t use your image to make a doll.