How To Take Pictures With A Sex Doll?

Sex doll photography gives men something beyond a mere sexual experience. It gives them a chance to create a work of art. Men love to take pictures of sex dolls because they’re beautiful and much cheaper than hiring a model to pose for the camera. Not only that, but men can position the sex dolls in any way they want.

If the photographer wants the doll to pose in an erotic position, then he doesn’t need to worry about the doll’s feelings over the matter. This is a luxury he would not get with a human woman. He can also dress her up in any clothing that he wants too. The possibilities are endless.

Are you interested to learn how to take pictures with a sex doll? There are various ways in which you can capture the best presentation possible of your sex doll. Some of these ways concern the background and lighting, but you will learn more about them below.

1. Distance in Background

The best way to capture a stunning picture of a sex doll is to put some distance between the doll and the background. For instance, if you put the doll on a piece of furniture that is right in front of a wall, then viewers will focus more on the wall and whatever is on it. But if you keep the wall in the distant background, then the sex doll becomes the center of attention in the foreground. Everything else in the background is too much of a blur for viewers to notice any of it.

It is easy to set up this shot if you have a professional photography studio with a lot of space. But if you’re taking pictures inside of a small living room in your house, then it will be a bit more challenging to keep the background in the distance. You may need to use a green screen in the back of the furniture and digitally place a distant background over the green. This will create the illusion of a background that is not really there.

2. Tripod and Timer Shots

Do you want to pose for the camera with your sex doll? Unless you have a partner to take the pictures, you’ll need to set the timer on your camera in order to take the shots with the doll. You’ll also need a tripod to keep the camera elevated and secured in one place. Simply set up the position of the camera to face the furniture and sex doll at the right angle. Then activate the timer for one minute and set yourself up to pose with the doll. The camera will take the picture after a minute has expired.

You’ll want to use a commercial quality tripod that can be elevated to at least 5 feet. Don’t purchase one of those consumer-grade tripods that have 2 to 3 feet of height to them. Those end up breaking too soon anyway. A 5-foot tall tripod is just tall enough to capture the face of a sex doll when it’s standing or sitting.

3. Commercial Lighting

The importance of lighting cannot be stressed enough in photography, especially when it comes to taking pictures of sex dolls. You’ll want to make the skin material shine on the doll. You won’t be able to achieve this effect if you take pictures of the doll in a dimly lit room or even in a room with standard LED lighting from the ceiling.

Instead, you’ll need commercial quality lighting that is designed specifically for photography. The flashing light on your camera won’t be good enough for this either. You need lighting that’ll brighten the entire foreground of the shot. It is okay if the background is dark. In fact, it is actually a good thing if the background is dark because it’ll be in deep contrast with the vibrancy of the foreground. That’s what’ll make the sex doll stand out more.

4. Sexy Clothing

Sex dolls are a photographer’s dream because they can dress the dolls up in any clothing they want. You can make your sex doll wear sexy lingerie, bikinis, tight jeans, or anything else your imagination desires. If you want to become a fashion photographer, then you can get a lot of practice on a sex doll.

After you purchase the doll, your only expense will be for the clothing that she will wear. But at least you can take unlimited pictures of the doll without having to pay anything more for that honor. The one-time purchase of a sex doll includes unlimited modification rights.

5. Pose

As indicated above, you can have your sex doll pose in any manner that you want. The adjustable joints of the doll make it easy to bend its legs and arms. You can have your doll get on all fours like a doggie style position or stand straight and tall for the camera. Figure out the ideal pose you want the doll to have and just have fun with it.

Aside from a sexy pose, you could make the sex doll give a classy pose. Perhaps she could cross her legs while sitting down or put her arm around your shoulder as the two of you sit together. Think about the best ways you could make her pose for the camera.

6. Take Lots of Pictures

Many amateur photographers make the mistake of trying to capture a few perfect pictures of their sex doll. Sometimes the best pictures are taken accidentally. The level of lighting in the environment and the angles of the camera play a big role in determining the outcome of the pictures.

One way around this is to take lots of pictures. Digital photography gives you the power to take hundreds of photographs in one sitting at a relatively fast pace. If you can set your camera to take pictures at various intervals, then you might inadvertently capture a truly spectacular shot of your sex doll. All it takes is for the lighting and angle to match perfectly for the shot.

Sex dolls are fun for many reasons. You can have sex with them, and they’re not shy in front of the camera. They’ll do whatever you want them to do in front of the camera. If you’re wondering about the right way to get started with taking pictures of your sex doll, then you just learned 6 tips on how to do that. Follow each tip, and you’ll become an expert in photography in no time if you aren’t already.