What is the price of a physical doll?

The price of a physical doll depends first on the material, then on the height, and finally on the customization (for example, whether the doll needs sound, heating, meridian, etc.).

At present, there are two kinds of physical dolls on the market, one is silica gel, the other is TPE, and the two kinds of materials have their own merits.

Overall, TPE dolls account for 75% of the market, while silicone makes up 20% of the market, of which 5% are dolls and the like.

The advantages and disadvantages of TPE doll are as follows: the material is soft, close to the human skin, and the body parts are slightly less depicted than the silicone doll. Tpe doll is not resistant to high temperature of more than 200 degrees and strong acid and strong alkali. It only needs hot melt processing, and the production cost is relatively low.

Advantages and disadvantages of silica gel dolls: hard material, high degree of authenticity of body parts, high temperature and corrosion resistance, vulcanization treatment is needed in production and processing, so the production is more complex, so the cost is also high. More suitable for the body model and posing, ornamental strong, not suitable for mouth.

Actually, when you buy a physical doll, you have to figure out the purpose of it first. If you prefer to use this piece, it is recommended to buy TPE material. If partial ornamental, put the suggestion such as buy silica gel material. Conditional players, personal advice is: TPE body + silicone head.

Come on, let’s take a look at high-end physical dolls made of TPE