Order a sex doll that looks the same as your girlfriend

It is said that the models that sex doll customers demand to make look like their partner’s girlfriend.

The manufacturer’s silicone sex world says that celebrity-like dolls are not as popular as you think, and some punters prefer “everyday” to look more like plastic.

Product experts said: “We do ask customers to ask celebrity dolls, even though they are not as popular as you think.”

“We did make some strange requests for the doll, such as a doll that looks like a friend’s girlfriend.”

The strange event echoes the previous comments of Sex Doll Official founder Jade Stanley.

Ms. Stanley, who runs an adult shop near Birmingham, told the stars: “In terms of customization, whether it is a celebrity, a dead spouse or someone you like.

“This is really different, you will ask people to ask Kim Kardashian, or the girl next door.

“The situation across the board is completely different.”
Sex dolls are one of the most expensive products in the sex toy industry and are estimated to reach an astonishing £38 billion by 2020.

Dolls cost as much as £15,000, and there are even people who can try brothels of dolls that have emerged in Europe and the United States.

Channel 5’s documentary “Sex Business: Me and My Sex Doll” recently delved into the world of sex toys.