Nokia has been unlocked sex toy features

The quality of Nokia mobile phones has always been well-known, and the functions are readily available. In addition to calling, texting, and playing greedy snakes, Nokia mobile phones have a function that no other brand has, that is, acting as a hammer to knock walnuts.

But a report by CNET shows that some old Nokia phones have unlocked new features in the hands of Indian women, although this new feature is full of indescribable colors.
Agents of Ishq, an Indian female masturbation survey project group focused on sex, love, and passion, surveyed a hundred women. On the question of “how to get the most satisfaction”, the “vibration function of Nokia mobile phones” has become a frequent guest in the answer. . Obviously, the vibration function of the old Nokia phone is outstanding.

Of course, not only Nokia mobile phones, in fact, all mobile phone vibrations can have similar’effects’. The Homemade Sex Toys website says that one of the benefits of using mobile phones as sex toys is that people can take them with them and use them at any time, and they don’t have to worry about what friends will think strange.
I used to think that using mobile phones as ‘sex toys’ was a joke, but then I discovered that I was too young. Evil, no wonder that Apple and Samsung’s new phones are beginning to have waterproof function.

For the development of mobile phone fun features, humans who can play have never stopped. Among them, the Japanese are the most representative.

In 2015, the iPhone 6s with pressure sensing was launched. Many technical houses are trying to use this phone to test fruit weight. And a startup company in Japan launched a 3D Touch mobile app-ChiChi, which is used to test women’s cups.

The way to use it is this: just open the app, clamp the phone in the middle of the chest, and the app can immediately give the relevant data of the chest cup of the chest through the squeezing force. Even this company is still recruiting women with E-cups or more to participate in software internal testing, which is used to proofread and enrich the company’s internal database. The size of the cup measured by this method should not be small. After all, if the size is not enough, the mobile phone can not be clamped, right?

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