Doll dress up mode

How can you make your one-of-a-kind doll your exclusive companion?

As we all know, the doll has been manufactured, which is actually a blank doll. We often need a variety of costumes and spiritual approval to give them an independent personality. In addition to the head carving and the body is fixed, she is playing with the fun of hair, eyeballs, face makeup, clothing, accessories, shoes can be matched with their own preferences. Let’s talk about it a little bit.

  1. Identity setting, such as daughter, neighbor, student, etc
  2. Career setting: such as teacher, policeman, nurse, white-collar, etc
  3. Personality setting: enthusiastic, reserved, lovely, etc
  4. Relationship setting: Such as sister, sister, girlfriend, wife, etc

1. The wig

Wigs are available in a variety of styles, and prices and ways of obtaining them are very popular (some are available) : long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, game or anime characters in a variety of shapes and colors, and some can be made by diy. If wig is qualitative, at present the market is the most common 3 kinds: common silk, high temperature silk, true hair, price quality can have distinction.

Ordinary silk: cheap, basically fixed shape, quality is also slightly poor, not easy to take care of, easy to scrap

High temperature silk: moderate price, characterized by high temperature resistance silk, you can do all kinds of modeling, most cosplay wigs are this kind, silk smooth, very easy to care

Real hair: Expensive, but the source is the salon, which has most of the advantages of real hair


The eyeballs vary by style and are less detachable, but the Diary of an Angel eyeballs are detachable (science videos are coming).

The quality of eyeball has high have low, quality stand or fall depends on material and coating. The next step is to choose the color of the iris. These are all replaceable, because when designing a real doll, there is a device in the eye that attaches the eyeball to the device and the eyeball can move in the device, which is used to adjust the doll’s eyes. However, the removal device can only be removed from the facial socket, which requires special tools. It is not easy to damage the doll’s eyes due to poor operation. It is better not to try it by yourself.

If there is a need for eye replacement, you can contact the manufacturer, or find a professional to complete. Eyes are the window of the soul, a pair of special eyeballs will undoubtedly make your doll special and dazzling.


The head of the physical doll is also divided into silica gel and TPE material. The face makeup is produced when the doll leaves the factory, and it is elaborately carved by professional masters.

  1. However, the face makeup of Tpe dolls is relatively simple due to the material problems. Generally, there are only eye makeup and lip makeup. Used for a long time, often clean will fade or even fade, but angel diary also has make-up business, we completely consult customer service: JD13164733618
  2. Silica gel face makeup can be fine, almost the whole face will be makeup, some makeup artists will even meticulous to the capillary and skin markings, can be called abnormal level of fine. Moreover, due to the characteristics of the material, the special pigment is used. Once the makeup is applied, the makeup will not be removed in the later cleaning period. However, attention should be paid to reduce wear.

At the same time, a lot of people in pursuit of personality will also give doll makeup, most is done with the reality of cosmetics, to note here is that the dyeing problem, the general reality of cosmetics is against human skin adhesion is strong, but the baby will be more bad, can maintain time not too long, but it also has a professional with a special paint for dolls, you can also own consulting.


4. clothing

Clothing selection is the most intuitive embodiment of the doll personality link, compared with other anthropomorphic products, the benefits of the physical doll is the proportion of real people, so the market can be used for the doll real clothes. And as a personal companion, the doll can be generously dressed up in the costumes you’ve fantasized about. Speaking of which, we have to say that there are several types of dolls’ costumes:

  1. Everyday clothes: This kind of clothes is the most common, that is, the clothes and trousers we wear in our daily life. We can buy some clothes and trousers in a variety of styles.
  2. Professional clothing: the uniforms we talk about, JK student uniforms, OL uniforms, teachers, nurses, police, soldiers, etc., can be used to set the career of the doll, which can also have a different feeling when playing.
  3. 2-dimensional clothing: Cosplay clothing, Lolita clothing, deadpool clothing, etc. Friends who choose this piece of clothing are generally anime lovers, and they are mainly customized.
  4. Sexy clothes: Bunnies, bikinis and underwear belong to this kind of clothes, which are sexy, hot and soft. They can increase the emotional appeal in visual and tactile sense.

5. shoes

The doll’s shoes should be referenced to the manufacturer’s size. Because the foot shape of the doll is different, it still needs to be bought for trial and error. In terms of matching, it depends on the style of the dress. I don’t want to be confused about this problem, because everyone has their own aesthetics. Just here to pay attention to the shoes also do not stand for a long time, the damage to the doll is very large, want to understand in detail can view how to receive the advanced article doll.

6: accessories

Deserve to act the role of making the finishing point, on the head of all kinds of hats, headdress, hairpin. The rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, clothing accessories brooches, corsets, school badges, ties, stockings on legs and feet, tattoo stickers, also include some props, hands, back, etc., these also need to match according to their own doll Settings.

When choose and buy, also not be the more expensive the better, should designate a direction however, total impossible let a policeman take kill pig knife, by the way the head still match a flower is not? Natural, also not be more had been better, the person is detail animal, starlight a bit deserves to act the role of, ability foil the brightness of the moon.