What are the misconceptions about sex toys?

There are many misconceptions about sex toys, such as the following misconceptions.
Misunderstanding 1: Sex toys are used by people who are not normal, such as sluts and too strong sexual desire. Under normal circumstances, people who use those toys must be abnormal. Sexual experts say: In fact, all kinds of people are In use, including very normal people, you just don’t know it. Using adult toys will not make you perverted, it will only bring you better orgasms, improve the quality of the sex life of the two, and better promote the relationship between husband and wife.

Misunderstanding 2: Only to satisfy masturbators, sex experts said: In most cases, sex toys are used alone, but many couples also like to use them together. The fact that you use them together does not mean that there is something wrong with you. On the contrary, willingness to use them together only shows that your relationship is more open, more comfortable, and more trusting.

Myth 3: If you decide to use it, it will make your partner feel stressed and guilty.
Sex experts say: Many people have such concerns that using sex toys will hurt the feelings of their partners. This is understandable. Think about it, every time it’s a huge vibrator to bring you to orgasm, it will be uncomfortable for anyone else. Toys can bring you orgasms, but not caresses, so they can’t replace your partner at all. If your lover has this concern, you should communicate with him slowly and carefully.

Myth 4: Using sex toys can hurt your body.
Sex experts say: Absolutely incorrect. In fact, sex toys can have the same positive effect on sexual health. For example, menopausal women can use adult toys to keep their vaginas elastic and avoid urinary incontinence and other ailments. Some doctors also recommend adult toys for women who are not able to orgasm. Sexual health has a cog in whole body health. Using adult toys can improve the feeling of various organs of the body and make the human body more sensitive to some discomforts.