How to use male adult products correctly

The correct way to use men’s sex products:
After you buy a masturbation device for men’s sex products, please don’t rush to use it, because most of the men’s sex products will be coated with a layer of bactericide when they leave the factory, that is, there is a layer of oil on the surface of the men’s sex products. Something! In addition, men’s sex products themselves have some smell, that is, the smell of the product itself.

You’d better wash it with warm water first. If you are careful enough, you will notice that most of the vaginal opening of men’s sex products is pink, and it will fall off as soon as you wash it! Here is a warning to you: this pink is also new. Guarantee, if you don’t notice this pink when you buy this kind of product, it is probably a product that has been used by others!

Men’s sex products masturbators generally have their own lubricants, which are given to you by the manufacturer, but the lubricants sent by manufacturers are generally different, so you can buy more lubricants while buying men’s sex products go back!

When using men’s sex products, you must use lubricants, because men’s sex products do not secrete love fluids like women do to lubricate your sex. Only when there are plenty of lubricants can the devices make you feel full of pleasure.