Men who are too fat can affect sexual offense

Modern people have a tense life and high psychological pressure. With the change of the relationship between the sexes, there are more and more men who are not easy to have children, and they often have one thing in common, that is, they have big stomachs! Abdominal fat is too much. Men are infertile. Infertile men can be roughly divided into two types: “otaku type” and “burst liver type”. The respective problems are not the same, but too much internal fat and “obesity” often cause them. The culprit of infertility! Let’s talk about the “otaku” men first.

  Otaku infertility personality repression does not love sports

   Men of this type are usually kind-hearted, gentle-tempered, and not good at speaking. Therefore, when “otaku” men are frustrated in the workplace, or conflict between husband and wife, and dissatisfaction in the heart, they are not used to expressing their feelings. Mobile phones, watching TV, etc. serve as channels for stress relief. Over time, I developed a lifestyle that does not love sports and has too little activity. “Otaku” men tend to have a depressed personality and do not like sports. If they add to the problem of excessive abdominal fat, it is easy to increase the risk of infertility.

  Burst liver infertility work overwork diet imbalance

   As for the “burst-type” men, they are often engaged in business hours, computer engineers, and other long hours of work, often working overtime, not only stressful but also abnormal diet. If it is a business, it is necessary to continuously socialize, and it is more likely to have problems with overeating and nutritional imbalance. “Burst liver” men live a tired life every day, go home, and just want to fall head to sleep, improper diet, and no exercise habits! “Burst liver” men work hard, socialize frequently, have poor eating habits, and have no time to exercise, which is likely to increase the chance of infertility.

  Too much fat causes toxins to become uneasy and difficult to give birth

   Generally speaking, the fat stored in the body will be converted into required hormones, and good hormones can secrete the sex hormones needed by the body, but bad hormones will reduce the generation of TGF (transforming growth factor) family. When there is too much internal fat, the human body will inhibit the production of TGF. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, this is the production of toxins, which can easily cause fertility problems such as sperm quality decline and poor sexual attack. In addition, excessive fat will cause the following effects on men, making the risk of infertility higher and higher.

   1. Insufficient organ nutrients do not guilt

   Excessive fat easily clogs blood vessels, so that the blood flow loaded with oxygen and nutrients can not reach each organ of the body smoothly, and the organs cannot obtain sufficient nutrients. For men, it is easy to suffer from erectile dysfunction and guilt-free sex.

   2. Easy to fatigue sexual behavior is not smooth

Too much fat will also cause an increase in adrenaline, which keeps the body in a state of preparation at any time. The cells are easily damaged early and lose their ability to attack. The human body, therefore, ages earlier and is prone to fatigue.

  Sperm is normal and standard sperm health is good for pregnancy

  It seems that obesity is really not harmful to fertility! Because this kind of civilization disease is more and more popular, the number and quality of male sperm will continue to decline. Men with infertility problems often have the problem of insufficient sperm quantity and mobility, which greatly reduces the chance of fertilization. WHO has also revised down the standard of normal semen for men. The current reference values ​​are as follows. Come and see if it meets the standard!

Semen volume: more than 1.5ml; sperm volume: more than 15 million; sperm viability: more than 75% is alive; sperm motility: more than 50% belongs to grade A and B; sperm type: more than 15% is normal type.

   Poor spermatozoa are difficult to fertilize and forge the abdominal muscles to be pregnant

  Males who suffer from infertility often have the problem of insufficient sperm quantity and motility, or the sperm type is not perfect. Like the old and weak soldiers, it is difficult to break the barrier of the egg surface and greatly reduce the chance of fertilization. Therefore, regardless of whether they are “otaku” or “explosive liver” men, they must face up to the problem of abdominal obesity and strengthen the core muscles of the abdominal chain of the forging chain to realize their desire to be a dad!

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