Is a penis trainer useful?

What do you know about premature ejaculation? What about premature ejaculation? Only by objectively analyzing the principle of premature ejaculation can targeted training be conducted.

  1. Male ejaculation process

The body receives different sexual stimulation signals → transmits to the brain → the brain generates excitement signals to control the sex organs to respond (congestion and erection) → the excitement signals continue to superimpose → the maximum sexual tolerance strength (ejaculation threshold) is exceeded → ejaculation is completed

  1. Sexual stimulation signals

Sexual stimulation signals refer to all signals that can cause sexual excitement, mainly five senses.

Tactile stimulation: an intimate touch of a partner, the friction of genitals or body.

Visual stimulation: satisfying expression of partner, sexy posture, body, etc.

Auditory stimulation: teasing and moaning from the partner;

Olfactory stimulation: women’s unique body fragrance, or charming perfume smell;

Fantasy stimulation: There are a lot of “beautiful” pictures and so on.

Sexual tolerance

The intensity of sexual tolerance refers to the tolerance of the brain to sexual excitement in the face of sexual stimulation signals of the opposite sex. The difference in tolerance intensity of different individuals directly determines the length of ejaculation time.

Sexual excitement

The body receives sensory stimulation and transmits it to the brain, producing excitement. The excitement gradually rises, and finally reaches the ejaculation threshold to complete ejaculation.

Before the election, we are at a basic level of excitement. With continuous intimate contact and intense body thrusting, we will enter the pleasure zone. After a period of thrusting, we will gradually feel the ejaculation, and finally, continue to stimulate, and ejaculation will occur.

Desensitization training

The faster sexual excitement occurs, that is, the faster the shot, the more representative of premature ejaculation, and if you want to avoid reducing this situation, you must slow down the sexual excitement too fast, so you must desensitize.

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