Some tips on how to dress with a physical doll

People to entity doll wear clothes, as far as possible in the case of ensure wash clothes won’t rub off to wear clothes, so as not to rub off dirty baby skin, please do not wear clothes and accessories, and with a sharp edge wear earrings to wait adorn article, can use a thin wire or needle, etc on the silica gel pores, but can’t use a knife and sharp objects in cutting, and after wearing earrings can’t pull, lest cause damage. Don’t wear clothes that are too tight. Although a physical doll can move its limbs and change its posture, it also has a certain range of movement. When dressing a doll, a few points should be noted:

  1. Anti-stick can be used talcum powder or talcum powder, the doll skin is sticky, after wiping talcum powder or talcum powder, it is easy to wear and prevent dust, or spraying a small amount of antistatic agent;
  2. Do not bend or twist your arms too much when wearing clothes to avoid skin breakage or gelatosis;
  3. Please pay attention to skin scratches. Do not wear clothes or accessories with sharp edges to avoid skin scratches. If there are sharp buttons or accessories on clothes or accessories, avoid wearing them or handle them with care;
  4. If it is necessary to Pierce the doll’s ears, when wearing accessories such as earrings, you can use thin wire or needle to Pierce the doll first, but should not exceed 0.5mm in diameter. Avoid cutting with knife or other tools.
  5. Avoid dyeing dolls and avoid wearing clothes made of dyed artificial leather or other oily materials. Wearing dark-dyed leather clothes for a long time may cause the color to penetrate into the doll’s interior and cause skin discoloration. Although the doll has a de-colouring cream, the colouring inside is still difficult to remove. Please do not use dark-colored clothes or accessories for a long time.

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