How to keep TPE sex dolls dry?

TPE sex dolls are more maintainable and cheaper than silicone sex doll. Due to the characteristics of TPE materials, porous materials are susceptible to moisture and moisture. It is also impossible to technically disinfect them. Failure to disinfect can cause mold and doll damage.

If your TPE sex doll is not used often, keep it dry. You can use baby powder and check it once a month. It’s not just protecting the doll, it’s also good for you.

After washing the doll, it is very important to keep it dry. When wet, the skin is more prone to tears and abrasions. Gently pat her with a lightweight, non-abrasive material, and focus on removing most of the water from the body because the rest is natural. Put the sex doll down and let it dry for an hour or two to ensure that most of the moisture disappears. Now you can apply talc to her entire body, which will give her a natural fragrance and soft touch.

To keep the life-size sex doll dry, the doll must be actively cleaned after use, but it must be wiped clean. You have to take special care to ensure that even the inside is dry, as some moisture tends to disappear from your sight at that time. As mentioned before, TPE is porous, any excess moisture will enter the doll body, and eventually cause mold and material damage. The powder mentioned in the previous tip will also greatly help you keep your doll hydrated. When not in use, expose the doll to the air to ensure that the moisture in the gap can be evaporated under any circumstances.