How sexy is your voice?

Young people often use “the ears are pregnant” to describe the voice as sexy. But now, there is a condom brand that wants to test for you, can your voice make others’ ears pregnant?
Recently, the condom brand SKYN has launched a chatbot on Facebook Messenger that can judge your voice from four aspects: sexiness, mystery, emotional intensity, and maturity. You only need to find the SKYN Voice Analyzer on Facebook Messenger and send a voice after the prompt. This robot can not only distinguish between male and female voices, but also understand multiple languages, including English, Italian, French, and Portuguese And Polish.

Dialogue interface

Although it is not clear what basis it uses to evaluate your voice, the robot will send you back a conclusion similar to a psychological test that is applicable to everyone (for example, I am charming, warm, and mysterious when I laugh), And a data chart that seems very scientific and bluffing.
And this chatbot is the marketing activity of the brand new boutique series “Unknown Pleasure” (Unknown Pleasure). This series includes various products such as warmth, coolness, bumps, textures, and even cocktails.

In addition to small ideas such as chatbots, JiFu also publishes a survey on the sexual status of the “millennial generation” every year. And when you open their website, you can also find some data from the 2017 “Millennial Generation” Sexual Status Survey.

48% of people live at least once a week, 66% have slept with someone they know on the dating app, and 30% have sent sexy photos to others without consent.
The most interesting city in the United States is New York. And if you want to have a good night, Houston may be a better choice for sex products that have topicality and dissemination, open up a little yellow voice, and use small ideas to tease fans. This is basically what every brand is doing. However, it seems to be a more differentiated marketing method to do gender science and use data and content to enhance the value of the brand.

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