A Quick Discussion On A Male Love Sex Doll And You

We all need love. Sometimes, we crave more than love. We want intimacy, passion and romance. But, not all of us has that someone we can turn to if we need to feel loved.

Some people may take it upon themselves but can’t seem to get enough satisfaction. Others go and look for one-night stands but nowadays, it’s dangerous to go out and hook-up with random people. So, where can we turn to if we need a bit more fire?

With media and the Internet allowing full access to information to people, we all have probably heard and seen real Japanese dolls. If you haven’t tried to search it on Google and then go back here. Sex dolls are dolls formed in the shape and structure of a human that is used for sexual purposes.


They can an entire person or just a body part. They are usually used for masturbation, but some men actually have sex with them. Well, they are called “sex dolls” after all.

The most basic type of a sex doll is made up of vinyl. These are usually inflatable but does not actually resemble a human.

As prices of for these male love sex dolls go up, the quality becomes better as well. The middle priced sex dolls are made of polyurethane or silicone, which gives them more structure and makes them seem more real.

You probably think that a male love sex doll came from Japan since they are the most popular manufacturer of such items. But, sex dolls have actually originated from India.

Paintings from the 17th century have shown men using sex dolls and dildos.


But know, technology has played its part in the creation of a new generation of sex dolls. Back in 2014, a Japanese company has managed to create real Japanese dolls that look just like humans. It has human-like eyes and skin that feels like the real thing.

But, women are not left behind. There has been a recent increase in demand for male sex dolls that can be used by women and member of the homosexual community. Many plans are still ongoing but we might see them on the selves soon.

If you have used one realistic sex doll or purchased one, you should not be ashamed. Sexuality is a very fluid concept and it differs from person to another. The important thing is you are open enough to embrace your sexuality and is not afraid to explore possibilities.

So long as you don’t hurt or force anyone, using sex dolls shouldn’t be an issue. Just take it easy and focus on other things, like cooking and working. Have fun!