How do women recommend suitable condoms for women as they become the main force for adult products?

As more and more girls pay more attention to self-protection and self-feeling, more and more women buy adult sex toys, especially condom products. But most girls haven’t accepted the popularization of “boy’s bedroom”, and they will be somewhat incapable and inadequate when purchasing condoms.

So as a shop owner, how to recommend a suitable condom for female customers?

First is the thickness:

Now there are more and more 003,002,001 condoms on the market. These numbers refer to the thickness of condoms, which represent 0.03mm / 0.02mm / 0.01mm respectively. Due to the limitations of the physical and chemical properties of traditional latex, ultra-thin condoms are generally made of polyurethane, the manufacturing process will be more complicated, and the natural price will be much higher. Many three-packs will require half a grandpa.

But is the thinner the better?

Although the thinner the condom, the more realistic it is to use, the thinner the condom is, the harder it is to wear, and the tighter it is, the boys will be uncomfortable. If boys are more sensitive, they are not suitable for them to use ultra-thin condoms. Taken together, 003 is more popular.

Then the size:

If the diameter is too large, there is a risk of falling off, and the protection cannot be achieved. The diameter is too small, and it will be tight, and the boy maybe halfway.

The size of general condoms is marked on the side of the side outer box. In China, the large size is 54 ± 2mm, the medium width is 52 ± 2mm, the small size is 50 ± 2mm, and the extra small size is 48 ± 2mm. Chinese men generally use the medium. If female customers have no concept of numbers, then tell them that the medium is probably the mouth of a mineral water bottle, and the large is probably the mouth of a pulsating battle. Keke, they should have a picture.

Then time:

Many condoms can be delayed. There are two main types. One is a physical delay, and the body is thickened. It is not recommended to bring more layers of condoms to delay, on the one hand, it may fall off, and on the other hand, it may cause poor blood circulation due to being too tight. As a result, everyone will understand …

The other is a drug delay. Adding benzocaine to the top of the condom is generally used as a local anesthetic to reduce sensitivity. If customers are allergic, it is not recommended.

Then personalization:

If the female customer is older, it is usually recommended to try a threaded particle sleeve. Although the product packaging is generally scary, the packaging is like a mace, but women can feel thicker rubber than usual, and not very comfortable friction, but the stimulation is stronger.

According to the data released by Dingdong Buying Medicine, women who purchased adult products (including family planning and sex toys) accounted for about 60.2% of the total number of users in 2018, which is basically the same as the data in the “2018 Sex Report” released by Ali Health Catering to female customers has obviously become a compulsory course for future store operations!