Higher Demands for Functional Sex Doll

There has been growth in the adult products market worldwide. In terms of market scale, it is expected to be 28 billion dollars. Among that, life like sex doll has been accepted by more people. It is even created life-size, human-like shape models. While it seems that people become less happy over time about just for “sex” doll. Not long ago, many Western companies have developed life like sex doll with the warm body, speaking mouth.

life like sex dollLife size sex doll has high-cost materials and sophisticated craftwork process from creating the face model, liquid silicone injection to curing and forming for 6-8 hours.
Human is not perfect. Each individual’s expectation of life partner will be much better than real life. Life like sex doll is super amazing, some imperfect parts of real people’s vision will be improved when creating the model.Some issues of eyes size, lips size, upper body and lower body scale will be modified deliberately. You could get the dolls you want by choosing different heads to flatter different figure types, even with the color of pupil, wigs style.
More and more young generation pour into sex doll’s circle. Anime fans and nerdy guys take sex doll home not only for sex but accompany.
Different from the sex doll with a bias porn before, life like sex doll nowadays is more like the human and fulfilling human’s requirements of emotional communication. Doll’s owner will ask for a living doll after living with sex doll for a long time. Thus, voice interaction and facial expression will be the important point of improvement in nearly future.