Do I still need a girlfriend after I have a real doll?

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether a tpe sex doll is realistic or not. Although physical dolls are very realistic, they are not real people. It can’t replace a real person but it looks like a real person. It is very real and has a high value. It can satisfy the sexual desires of baby friends, stimulate their imaginations, satisfy their best fantasy, and make you who are now alone. Have a company.

If you buy a baby as a companion, then it is recommended to buy a silicone material. The TPE material seems to have a bigger taste, and it is not a good experience to sleep with you. Buying a baby to play and develop, this is the correct way to open a physical doll. The doll is really fun to dress and make up, and the photos taken are also beautiful.

The realistic sex doll is very realistic, not only can move the joints, but also has a real-life skin. Then someone may ask, the physical dolls are so realistic, do you still need a girlfriend? I bought a physical doll and can enjoy the pleasure of the live-action version, and this girlfriend does not need to coax, there will be no requirements, and will not betray you.

In general, the ornamental value of a baby is far greater than the practicality of sex.