How does dress a physical doll

Given a doll, everyone will dress up for their favorite doll, but what should we pay attention to when we dress up?

Before dressing the actual doll, it should be cleaned and talcum powder laid on her, then the head removed, and then placed in a position suitable for dressing. If you want to wear accessories, avoid sharp accessories that will scratch the doll.

Here are some do’s and don ‘ts:

  1. Read the instructions before posing and getting dressed. It is best to keep the physical movement of a physical doll within a safe range to prevent excessive limb bending. During the operation, it is safest to operate from the nearest point of the joint.
  2. Avoid clothes that stain, such as artificial leather or other oily materials. If you must wear dark clothes, wash your clothes several times to make sure the color doesn’t fade. It’s best to wear a white coat before you wear it. Do not wear dark clothes for a long time, in case the color penetrates into the doll and causes skin discoloration.
  3. Be careful not to scratch. If your fingernails are long, it’s best to get rid of them.

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