After I Saw The Life Size Sex Doll in The adult Exhibition

I have no idea totally for the life-size sex doll until I attended the adult exhibition. For me, it was a journey of exploration sex world. The exhibition displayed various sex toys I never saw. The lifelike sex doll is the most impressive. I finally visited what is going on of this controversy love doll in real. I thought many people judge it via photos from the social media.

100cm adult sex doll

After the exhibition, I had to edit videos, compile pictures back to the office. I found the sex dolls in the photo amazing. They look like celebrities, so pretty and sexy. I had a bold idea. Why not take such art back home?

In the following days, I looked for the sex doll by the images and keywords on google. And I collected some online sex doll stores. I found they have so many options available. You know it can not get in the physical store. The sex doll is too big and heavy. I assume that a physical store just supplies no more than 20 sex dolls. I am free to browse these beautiful faces without peering from the sales clerk.

Finally, I bought a 100cm sex doll, and the site informed me the tracking No. two days later. I felt safe and exciting during the purchase process.