Why We Love Sex Doll Robot, And You Should, Too

Is it possible have love between human and sex doll robot? We have the proven technique to turns the sex doll more like a real human. But right now, it is still in the early stage to make an interactive sex doll robot. Scientists reveal the spreading usage of sex doll will defect the human’s relationship. Human will hard to recognize the different relationship between the sex doll robot and the real human.

The human probably falls in love with the sex doll robot. The meaning of love will be redefined. The meaning of human life can also differ from nowadays’. People are trying to look for the ideal partner, friend, family at their young age. But nobody’s perfect. They will find out the each other’s defects and incompatible habit in their long-term relationship. It seems we can do nothing except compromise for the name of love. The most point, will we keep love promise when we get older? Yes, it is not sure for a human.

But people are quite certain a love doll robot won’t betray. You know it acts according to the pre-programmed. Human focus on the mutual love with the partner. They will feel upset once the partner doesn’t care about them. But all the sex robot can offer you is a good feel and great experience. It is a kind of complex emotion and intention.
The sex doll robot makes the human live in a private safe world. The human keeps far away from the pain caused in the love discover tour.