Adult products are becoming smarter

It’s not just the men and women in the world that are passionate about it, but also a group of entrepreneurs. “just need, high profit” makes the entrepreneurs bloody, shouting the subversion of the traditional slogan, because of technology, this long-hidden concealed world is about to change its appearance?
Most people’s impressions of adult products are mostly “very low, wretched, and horrible.” Because of this, a high wall that isolates consumers is built, but this situation is gradually changing.
Sex, the reason why attracting many people to look good, not for anything else, is business opportunities. Sex is the essence of human beings. The mainland mantra is the “just-needed” industry. The market is naturally optimistic. On the other hand, the past society has a conservative attitude towards sexual issues, which makes the adult products industry closed, fewer people invest, less competition, and better profits.

Do we need adult products for networking?
The discussion on this topic has always had two voices. Massiv, who has 10 years of experience in the adult products industry, is not very optimistic. “In addition to setting and connecting, it sometimes causes inconvenience in use, and there may be risks of information security.” It is also why there is no reason why the well-known adult products companies are becoming smarter.
Another faction believes that intelligence can help improve user experience. “I have been thinking about this for a long time. If not, it means that our proposition is also wrong.” He further uses a massager as an example. Smart adult products can let users create their own shock. Waveforms, after the system records, you can directly call back the next time. On the other hand, you can also use the waveforms shared by others, share the experience, and record the usage status. As a health reference, these are traditional adult products that cannot be used. of.
Adult products have belonged to the traditional industry for a long time, and naturally, they will encounter the development ceiling. For the new team, how to make products that do not interfere with the user’s emotions, control the materials and mass production with strict standards, and develop To be able to convince venture capital and consumers of the business model, it depends on the team is not enough.

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