2019 Sexual Technology Trends

The idea of ​​synthetic sex robots has never stopped. Their fascination with the sex robot culture is reflected in the growing demand for sex dolls, and manufacturers and sellers of various sex toys are flocking. Despite this, it is clear that the stigma of sex dolls has not been eliminated. When it comes to sex dolls, it’s easy to just think of it as homosexuality.

If you think that the development of sex robots and realistic sex dolls is just a trend, then you can understand the following.

WM doll

The highlight of the 2019 Las Vegas Adult Expo is no longer a variety of beautiful synthetic beauty. The sexual dolls and robotics exhibited at the event this year show a richer imagination. From self-heating talking dolls to sex robots specializing in oral sex, VR also brings closer the connection between adult products and customers, and provides an incredible fantasy experience.

In addition to the appearance of common silicone and TPE sex dolls, there are synthetic dolls. 1AM came back with its synthetic fibers. The exhibition hall displayed a variety of dolls that differed from conventional dolls. There were anime faces and sex dolls that were just human torso.

Technology can help humans explore and change sexual behavior. Conversely, the form in which sexual interests and technology are intertwined is becoming more and more accepted. In addition to physical sex dolls, sex technology also allows users to remotely access certain sex toys. Make sex more personal. In addition to flexibility, this will greatly reduce costs. Do you think it will become the trend of future technology?