17 global sex records

Sex record 1, the highest ejaculation

Horst Schultz shoots semen up to 6 meters away. He is also the world record holder for ejaculation speed and altitude-his ejaculation speed can reach 68.7 kilometers per hour, and he can shoot semen to a height of 3.76 meters (sounds like an anti-aircraft gun Data).

   sex record 2, the youngest mother

   Linda Medina, born in Peru in 1933, began menstruation at the age of 3 and gave birth to a baby at the age of 5. But she didn’t know who the father of her child was. Linda’s father was arrested on suspicion of incest but was released due to a lack of evidence. Linda’s hip was too narrow, so she had a cesarean section.

   Sex record 3, the most orgasms

   William Hartman and Marilyn of the Marriage and Temperament Research Center in Long Beach, California. Dr. Marilyn Fithian has conducted 22 years of research and faithfully recorded the orgasm response in the laboratory. According to their records, in an hour, women can have an astonishing 134 orgasms at most, while men can have up to 16 orgasms.

   Sex record 4. The longest duration of orgasm

   In a 1966 study by the Masters and Johnson Institute, it was recorded that a woman experienced a 43-second orgasm.

   Sex record 5. The largest amount of semen swallowed

   In Los Angeles in July 1991, 800 milliliters of semen (about 2 and a half cans of cola) was drawn from the stomach of Michelle Monahan.

   Sex record 6, the longest pubic hair

   Maoni Vi from Cape Town, South Africa has 0.7 meters of pubic hair and 0.8 meters of armpit hair.

   Sex record 7, the strongest vagina

   42-year-old Russian Tatiana Kozhenvnikova lifted a weight of about 14 kilograms with her vagina, making it the strongest vagina in the world

Sex record 8. The most sex partners

   In 2004, the well-known American erotic actress Lisa Sparxxx had sex with 919 men in one day, which became a new world record (on average, 1 person was settled in more than 1 minute).

   Sex record 9, the longest masturbation

   In 2009, in the masturbation marathon held by the San Francisco Sexual Culture Center, a Japanese named Masanobu Sato set a world record for 9 hours and 58 minutes of masturbation.

   Sex record 10, the most dangerous way of oral sex

   The biggest risk is blowing a lot of air into the vagina. Whether it is intentional or unintentional, it can be fatal. The cause of death is a pulmonary embolism caused by air entering the blood vessels of the reproductive system. Death may be rapid about 30 minutes after symptoms appear.

   Sex record 11, the penis most removed

   In 1300 BC, Egyptian King Menephta triumphed after defeating the Libyans. To celebrate the victory, he ordered his men to remove the penis of each prisoner. He returned home with 13,000 penises, and the memorial in Karnak detailed the ownership of this penises-they belonged to Libyans, Securian’s, Etruscans, or Greeks.

   Sex record 12. The longest penis

   Among the living men, the one with the longest penis in the world is Jonah Falcon-his penis is 34 cm long.

   Sex record 13, the widest vagina

   The widest vagina in the world belongs to Anna Swan (1846-1888). Her maximum diameter is 15 cm, while the average person’s diameter is only 10-12 cm. This data was estimated by measuring the head of her child who was 11.8 kg at birth. You know Anna was 2.3 meters tall when she was 19 years old, yes, taller than Yao Ming.

   Sex record 14, the biggest orgy

   In Japan, 250 pairs of sexual partners have sex together at the same time, creating the largest group lover world record.

   Sex record 15, the longest “daisy ring”

  ”Daisy Ring” refers to people who have sex at the same time before and after or “to the end”. The Roman emperor Tiberius was a loyal “daisy” fan, and often expanded his staff in his public carnivals. The data of specific participants is not very clear, but it is estimated that there are about 30 people.

   Sex record 16. The strongest penis

   In 1995, Hong Kong’s Mo Ka Wang lifted a 113-kilogram weight with his penis.

   Sex Record 17, the oldest porn star

   Shigeo Tokuda was born in Japan in August 1934. After retiring, he became bored and devoted himself to this business. He has appeared in more than 250 films.

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