Make-Up Tips for TPE Sex Dolls


Make-up tips:

If you’ve never applied make-up at all, it can feel daunting, but it’s actually pretty fun and can really change the way your doll looks. TPE sex dolls have very porous skin, so it’s normal for your dolls make-up to “fade” ie “soak in” after a while or wipe off with washing, many of you may be tempted to start applying all sorts of products to improve your doll’s looks but go easy there tiger, there are a few basics to grasp before you get started…  

What type of make-up is safe to use on TPE sex dolls?

Most regular make-up is safe on TPE sex dolls and sometimes it’s more about choosing something that’s safe for you if you’re going to be kissing/sucking.
You don’t have to spend a fortune on branded make-up, but the more expensive products are, they are generally more likely to be non-toxic, eco-friendly and sometimes have handy brushes or nicer cases, the choice is yours…


Powders are easy to manage as you can apply a little at a time and build up with a brush.

Get makeup to stay put on your real love doll… 

If you want it to stay on for a while, a common trick is to use a thin layer of Vaseline to “seal” the makeup. After you have applied your doll’s makeup, apply a thin layer of Vaseline being careful not to smudge and leave it to set for a few hours. This helps to seal the makeup and soak into the TPE. 

Removing makeup on your sex doll:

Using baby oil as a make-up remover is fine. Think of your doll’s face like a human face and be gentle. You can literally just apply baby oil to a soft cloth and wipe the makeup off.

Hot tips for makeup

  • Cue tips & cotton earbuds are great to get definition around the eyes, add a little MU remover to the tip to tidy edges.
  • Baby wipes or MU wipes again are good for more accuracy in removal or tidying areas rather than a washcloth.
  • Use small powder brushes for eyes, angled brushes for “flicks” and lines, large brushes for blush.
  • Apply lightly and build up – less is more.

1,Do not apply concealers or foundations.
2,Avoid fluffy cotton pads as they can get caught in lashes or leave fibres on the face when wiping.
3,Avoid using your fingers because of the friction and also the possibility of leaving grubby marks elsewhere – apply with a brush.
4,Avoid liquid eyeliner and oily kohl eye pencils as it’s just too messy and can streak when removing.
5,Do not use alcohol or harsh chemicals like nail polish remover, bleach or turpentine.
6,It’s not recommended that you use “sharpies” or regular paints.