With life-like sex robots, is love from real human still necessary?

As traditional love relationships in many regions show signs of regression, more and more people are increasingly interested in traditional sexual partners and sexual relationships.The most famous Japan is none other than the fact that although this phenomenon is more of an extreme edge phenomenon, it is also the epitome of a class of people around the world.

Whether it is a college student or a younger generation, their interest in traditional partners and sexual relationships is declining year by year, and in recent years it has shown a sharp downward trend. Most young people express troubles in love, and they are more willing to spend their time on their hobbies, or work and study.

Perhaps it is the development of Japanese sex industry and animation industry, which makes many grass-fed men and many otaku people directly express their zero demand for love. They are more willing to spend money on virtual secondary elements, and they can also spend money to buy sex experiences. In this case, they are more focused on what they love, and the pressure on young people in society nowadays. Both men and women prefer a relationship that does not require responsibility and risk. The most fundamental thing is the change of the concept of love. If we can get the satisfaction of desire from the ordinary life size sex dolls, then virtual doll is more like the gospel of these otaku,also another way to bring male’s dream love doll into reality perfectly.

Try to imagine that when you are in love, you don’t need to constantly speculate on each other’s feelings, don’t care about running a relationship with care, don’t worry about suspicion every time you go out, just get all the expected reactions through voice command, no wonder they will Don’t want to fall in love.When sexual desire can be easily obtained, love is no longer a necessity.