Will there really be sex dolls in HBO’s western world?

Numerous sex doll makers want to make sex dolls like HBO’s “Western World”, but technology doesn’t exist yet.

The “Western World” story is set in the future world. In a huge high-tech adult theme park, there is a humanoid machine “receptionist” that allows tourists to enjoy the indulgence of desire, violence and other desires. Western World “future theme park. It provides tourists with the satisfaction of killing and sexual desire.

We created robots according to our own appearance, hoping that they can do things we can’t do, but not beyond our understanding. Once our creative behavior is beyond our understanding, we will have doubts. Will humans still exist after the machine really has autonomous consciousness? Or does it make sense to exist?

If the robot we created evolves into the perfect look of the god we want one day, then the human existence becomes an unnecessary inferiority, then will humans become an existence that must be eliminated? Research and development of second-generation sex robots is currently underway. The robotic head will be able to talk through Siri-style interactions and answer questions through a database programmed on the Internet. This realistic love doll can move the neck and follow the sound and automatically complete a series of actions, including blinking or nodding-even controlling devices such as the air conditioner or lights in the home. “Whether or not they will become individuals controlling humans, they will emerge as a necessity of our lives.