The most concerned sexual problems of newlyweds

1. How to deal with the failure of first sexual intercourse? Failure to have sex on a wedding night is also common. According to the analysis, the failure of first sexual intercourse is related to the experience of sexual intercourse. The number of people without experience accounts for 2 / 3 of the number of failures. After the failure of first sexual intercourse, 1 / 3 of them can understand the reasons. Most of the failures can be successfully combined after 2-5 times of trial intercourse, so even if they fail, they don’t have to be impatient or have any concerns. They can take a short rest and try again, or wait for a day or two Emotional stability, new marriage when the strain is relieved and try again. If the man fails, the woman’s accusations such as “really useless” and “too bad” will make the man deeply ashamed and uneasy, suffer greater psychological setbacks and fall into trouble. At this time, if the woman can be reasonable, if nothing happens to say something, to encourage and comfort the man, the man will restore courage, to achieve a harmonious and happy sexual life.

2. Is the first sexual bleeding and pain a virgin? The problem of “hymen” is the first thing that newlyweds come into contact with in their first sexual life. In fact, from the perspective of medical practice, it is not scientific to judge whether virgins are virgins by bleeding and pain. Because not every virgin in the first sexual intercourse is bleeding or pain, and the characteristics of hymen vary from person to person, including thin, thick, loose, tight, big, small, and different shapes. Some of them are broken due to strenuous exercise (sports food), cycling, falling injury, releasing menstrual thrombus, masturbation and other reasons; some of them have their own retreat; some of them are not obvious at birth The extension of hymen is very strong, although it remains intact after multiple sexual intercourse.

3. Does semen outflow affect conception after sexual intercourse? It is a common phenomenon that semen flows out of vagina after sexual intercourse. In fact, although each ejaculation can discharge about 2-5ml of semen, which contains hundreds of millions of sperm, only a few sperm can reach the fallopian tube through the cervix and the ovary to wait for fertilization, generally only 15-50 sperm, and more than 200 sperm. Among them, only one sperm with superior quality is selected by the egg and married with it to complete the great cause of life continuity. Most of the rest of the sperm were excluded from the palace gate and discharged from the vagina. In order to prevent semen outflow and improve the chance of conception, the buttocks of the woman can be padded up during sexual intercourse and lie on her back for another two hours after sexual intercourse, so as to ensure that semen will submerge the uterine orifice and reduce its outflow. As for the excess semen discharged from vagina after sexual intercourse, it is a natural phenomenon and has no effect on conception.

4. Do you want contraception for honeymoon? Nowadays, marriage tourism is quite common, although it has many advantages, but newlyweds should not forget to pay attention to contraception, so as to avoid sowing poor “seeds” and regret for life. Because of the irregular travel life, nervous mood, mental and physical fatigue, the body resistance will also decline, which will affect the quality of sperm and eggs. Besides, the climate is very different from place to place during the journey, which is easy to catch cold. In addition, the crowd is mixed, the pollution is extensive, the sanitary conditions of bathing and accommodation are poor, and it is easy to induce and infect diseases. In particular, the infection of rubella virus and sexual virus is an important inducement of abortion, premature delivery, stillbirth or fetal malformation or secondary infertility. Medical and geneticists believe that a comfortable and happy life is the best way to conceive. From the perspective of eugenics, newlyweds are not suitable for honeymoon if they want to get pregnant earlier. Honeymoon couples should take contraceptive measures. It is better to be pregnant 1-2 months after the tour.