Will The Sex Doll Be The Threat of Human Propagate?

As we all know, the lifelike sex dolls are used for solve the physical sexual needs. Or it will be helpful in enhancing sexual ability more or less.

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In the latest years, the sex doll users skyrockets, which global market is growing to widen. More and more people discover many troubles to get along with others. But they also have great fantasies and look for romantic love and perfect partner. They found the romantic love in real life would come with many additional terms: House, family living cost, children education or the couple’s relationship. They felt upset when facing these negative pressure in the future.

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As a result, a lot of single men turn to live with a sex doll instead of a real woman. The lifelike sex doll can help to less loneliness for those people who live alone. Meanwhile, no one will judge and complain about their daily presentation.

Some people think the generalization of using the lifelike sex doll will encourage more people to fail to consider marriage. It will be one of the important reason lead to the human low birth. In the future, the relationship of human and robot will be mainstream.