The First Generation of Robot Sex Doll Who Can “Mass Production” And Sold to Customers Around The World

We know that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. According to a study in the Journal of Gender Studies, research shows that men consider one-time life every 50 minutes, about 19 times a day, while women pay more attention to food. And because of the increasing complexity of interpersonal relationships, some men or women are afraid to love and fear being injured again. So in the past few years, sex dolls have been welcomed as never before, and sales have grown.

A Chinese sex doll company broke the convention and integrated 3D printing technology into its production line process, enabling the company to quickly produce a large number of  robot sex doll to meet the needs of the market.

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3D printing is a method of manufacturing parts for robot sex doll. The 3D printer makes many parts for the prototype of the robot sex doll. This technology improves the speed and processing time of the sex doll robot. 3D printing is the process of making three-dimensional objects using high-tech machinery and computers to connect or solidify raw materials. In order to print an object, the 3D design created on the computer software is usually uploaded to the machine via a memory stick, and the memory stick builds the material layer by layer. The final product consists of thousands of layered tiny pieces of raw material called additive manufacturing.

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3D printing dates back to the early 1980s, when additive manufacturing equipment and materials were first developed. Fast-forward for about 30 years, this technology has changed the manufacturing, medical, food and fashion industries. The US Marine Corps uses 3D printing as a quick solution; NASA plans to send printed parts into space; MIT is printing color-changing accessories.

3D printing technology enables the production of humanoid robot replicas by scanning the entire body into the software. The 3D printer works by developing the shape of a particular part in computer software and then transferring it to the printer. It is also connected to a 3D scanner that can be used to scan the entire human body as well as the prototype parts used for reproduction.
This type of technique is ideal for creating new sex doll bodies and faces because they can be developed from real humans.


Due to its laser guidance accuracy and economic efficiency, 3D printing will become an integral part of the manufacturing process. Using 3D printing simplifies the process of making complex parts for a robot sex doll, which means that all parts will be 100% identical, less waste and lower development time.

TPE materials used in making sex dolls are phthalate-free and therefore safe for privacy purposes. This advanced polymer has a warm, smooth skin that mimics the true feminine feel. Sex dolls are very useful, give you warmth on a lonely night and share your love for sex. If you are a happy pretender who likes to relax in the hills and valleys and look for great happiness and deep penetration, you can personalize your sex dolls. The actual sculpture along the anal insert has an articulated silicone hip with internal ridges that provides a strong thrill and enhances every second of the session.