Why Men Prefer to Love Silicone Sex Dolls?

With the gradual increase of the “Otaku” group in the world, silicone sex dolls have gradually become the main channel for the libido of many single-person men. As a new type of male masturbation tool, inflatable dolls have the physiological characteristics of real women, and even many inflatable dolls can achieve the effect of realism. So why men prefer to love silicone sex dolls?

People who are lonely inside will be more happy with spiritual happiness. The happiness they build with love dolls is real, but whether they are deeper in their deeper loneliness, for everyone, some loneliness is always there, and Those inner happiness can only be known by themselves.

But replacing real world with a silicone doll is not the best way. Those who want to escape the relationship in real life also have risks, and long-term single relationships will accelerate their escape from reality. Therefore, it is impossible to enjoy the fullness and richness brought about by interpersonal relationships. In particular, advances in current AI technology will only make such relationships more complex. For most people, they are willing to interact with people who can think and talk. But there are still a lot of psychology that will encourage people to associate with realistic sex dolls.