What weird sex toys are there?

Gay ice cream
There are chocolate-flavored, fruit-flavored condoms, but have you ever seen one with cream on the outside? These “ice cream” condoms are designed specifically for gay men. Because gay sex is very easy to cause congestion damage, the virus in the semen can enter the blood circulation or lymphatic system through the damaged mucous membrane. The “ice cream” condoms have a layer of fragrant special cream on the outside, which looks like ice cream when put on. When dissolved, it can form a protective film and reduce wear. And, it’s really edible.

Taste bud determinism
The “oral condom” is a very bold invention. This kind of condom is not as simple as adding some spices, but uses special materials, so that the taste is not the bitterness of rubber. More like cinnamon, say people who have used it. Moreover, it is equipped with a special sauce package, you can choose your favorite flavor to spread. The perfect combination of food color and 100% human nature. After the listing in the Netherlands, what surprised the merchants was that the sales of women’s products were wide open.

Pellet preheater
Men find restraint, women find it numb, and condoms don’t just make men angry. But the temperature problem that women dream of can be solved. American scientists playfully add heat-sensitive particles to the wall of the condom, as long as they come into contact with the air, they will maintain a temperature of about 45 degrees within 10 minutes, making women feel more caring. What to do after 10 minutes? Scientists say that if you can hold on for 10 minutes for a man, the woman will start to “heat up” by herself.