How to use lubricant correctly?

Moderate use of lubricants can improve the sensitivity of the clitoris and make it easier for women to experience the pleasure of orgasm during sex; secondly, the lubricant contains moisturizing factors, which can prevent the vagina from being too dry and rubbing It can cause discomfort and improve the quality of sex. However, in addition to moisturizing ingredients, the lubricant only contains mint, L-hydroxylamine and other ingredients. After the user’s freshness disappears, it is impossible to increase libido, and it is even more impossible to treat frigidity.

Lubricants are external preparations that act directly on the vagina of women. They can help complete sexual intercourse, but they can never increase libido. It can only be said that it helps to enhance women’s sexual pleasure.

So how can we effectively increase libido and improve the quality of sex?
It is generally believed that female libido is affected by sex hormones and is also related to the effects of the central nervous system. Therefore, prolonging the time of sexual foreplay can improve the excitability of the female nervous system, which is conducive to stimulating sexual desire. For example, it can be slightly rubbed on the inner thigh of women to stimulate the sex-related meridians and acupuncture points.

In addition, unlike men, intimate emotional exchanges, some romantic gestures, and even a few compliments can increase women’s “sex” interest. “The key is for both men and women to put their hearts and souls into finding the best way to have sex.”