What is a love doll?

What is a love doll? In fact, any Sex doll can be called a love doll, and a love doll can also be called a Sex doll. There are two types of Sex dolls: inflatable and physical, and at present, a love doll is especially the latter.

What is the function of the love doll?

Generally speaking, love dolls, in addition to the role of SEX, the most important is “love” two words.

For a successful career, the job is busy, but middle-aged divorced or widowed, loneliness will be very high, middle age peak sexually, after completion of the work of the night or early morning, in the lonely night, in the bath fire burn us, without love doll company, not only has no fixed and health security, entirely subject with your partner, more no one to accompany.

Similarly, for the elderly, after retirement, doing nothing, children are not around, divorce, wife died, wife and their own no spiritual communication, etc., will make the elderly feel lonely, and the fear of disease, life passing away, let the elderly need love doll accompany. Remember, the love doll will do everything you ask for — and will never betray or leave you.

However, according to statistics, a small number of customers report that ignoring a real partner while lingering or staying with a love doll can turn the doll into a bitter rival, causing it to “hurt” or even disappear!

Suggestion: for the elderly than single, love doll is a kind of supplement, is a needle cardiotonic marriage, but sexrealdoll entity dolls to remind you that love dolls function as mentioned above, the function of itself is a supplement of the life, make up the lack of love or marriage, sex, but if for love dolls affect the family harmony happiness, believe that this is not your original intention.

Try to get as much positive feedback as possible from your family, especially your partner (if you have a significant other), about your purchase and use of the doll.