Do not know how to maintain the doll after getting hold of it? Daily maintenance knowledge of physical dolls.

Cleaning part:

Don’t trust others’ immature handling methods. Alcohol, gasoline and even 84 disinfectants can seriously erode the doll’s body. For light stains, use a remover directly. Otherwise, use water and body wash normally. What if you can’t get rid of the dirty stuff? Pour olive oil or other oil on the cotton pad. Vomit is a large area of dyeing, and some of the more serious stains, the priority to use color removal paste, other is not recommended.


Wig care:

If you buy a doll, you need to know a little bit about wigs. The same goes for hair. If it’s too much trouble, you can tie it up and wash your wig every two months. Don’t ask me why. You can’t stand a month without washing, okay? Especially in the summer to wash more diligent. The same as washing the head, the difference is not to rub in circles, a slight knead can be. Want to make wigs more manageable? Then use hair conditioner, wash after water and hair conditioner mix, bubble. Half an hour’s time, take out the natural air drying, the same hundred try the lark. If you’re really lazy, wear a pigtail. It’s actually not that complicated to deal with.


Clothing dyeing:

Afraid of dyeing how to do? I would advise you not to buy dark clothes, but if you do, buy at least something more expensive. Would you mind not coming again with the 9.9 free shipping? More than 10,000 children wear 9.9 free shipping goods, which really hurts. Well, if 9.9 is your choice, then at least wash your new clothes before wearing them. Washing your doll once more will reduce your chances of dyeing it. Then powder the doll before wearing it. Not foundation!! Talcum powder is the normal maintenance props that the entity doll USES most. When the oil is much and the handle is not good, play more powder and you will have unexpected surprises. In case of dyeing do not be afraid, slight dyeing with oil makeup fluid adsorption, do not ask what, the chemistry teacher has said. Actually not serious, doll put, oneself slowly also can volatilize. If it’s serious, just buy the color cream and wait 24 hours.


Lower body cleaning:

You can use both your mouth and anus. If you are a Virgo, you can have something cheap, but it’s very convenient. Very easy to use tools, fiddle with a few to get started. In the same way as a water fountain pen, water, water, water, water… There will be a throw throw residual, very simple let the doll sit, the water will come out slowly, or can take a hair dryer cold wind blow. Time grew, can be used occasionally below fu Yan jie what, not be for doll, be for yourself, have disinfection effect. Clean fetish can multi-purpose, want to remember to use herb neuterly, won’t recognize of words, listen to me, fu Yan jie 10 pieces go. The mouth is the same as the vagina, but you have to twist it off and wash it, of course, you can wash it directly in the shower. Mouth, it is ok to kiss, but have halitosis comrade, remember to kiss wash. Don’t ask me why I know so much, lessons of blood and tears.


Makeup Problems:

Makeup remover with olive oil ah makeup remover can, universal olive oil, 9.9 free mail have all good, very practical, have a doll can be prepared, can be removed. But the baby owner that does not have technology, do not wash eyebrow easily, because really very few people can continue to draw eyebrow good, send a manufacturer to draw again again very toss about of say. At the beginning, I recommend to draw lip gloss. In the middle, I can draw eyes, eyelashes and so on. Include eye bead to be able to buy a bit additional kind, can replace, integral effect changed all of a sudden. Wig did not say, taobao quite many, but to buy a bit better quality, the first choice of light color. Do not envy others how how the doll, are done out, do not do again good doll is also spring aunt said. It was hard at first, but it was fun getting used to. Won’t change really, there are all sorts of makeup look course inside the forum on the net, look for slowly. But don’t take it all in, because a physical doll is hollow and softer than a BJD, so don’t go for colored lead.Ordinary cosmetics are good.


The Happy part:

Regardless of whether this is true or not, it is just a suggestion for those who have alternative preferences. Yuma solid doll alloy skeleton is not omnipotent at present, that is to say, ask clear range of activity, if broken send back maintenance is very troublesome, I believe baby owners are not willing to back and forth. You can pinch and scratch, but please remember to cut your nails. It’s not a problem to leave a mark. If it’s a cut, it’s not a good idea. And if you need a super experience, push through your clothes. Basically can not pull off the meat, TPE tear resistance is very strong, and leave a general nail imprint will bounce back. If you are a silicone doll, Then I suggest you do not try hard, because the silica gel is usually not elastic or elastic, the scar is basically irreversible, nail prints will not look very distressed.


Storage problems:

Is this a Gospel? Ha ha. Small basic is easy to say, just pick a random place. The average suitcase can fit anywhere from 65cm to 105cm, making it hard to find anything bigger. Above 125, our Tmall flagship store sells a sofa storage box, which is relatively safe. From the outside, it looks like a sofa, and then covers it with an absolute Tibetan doll. Before just ordinary boxes, this year has changed, we still consider more for the baby friends. But remember to put the time must take the blanket wrapped, otherwise the rough and tumble is very painful. The 2nd, it is again good Tibetan baby artifact, want to undertake every now and then hit pink, control oil copy is dyed very important. Light color is not easy to dye, but if the doll produced a lot of oil will automatically adsorption color. Third, if you have it in your closet, that’s fine, but remember not to curl up all the time and move it around, or the alloy bones will break. Fourth, there are manufacturers can do hook, back hole, directly like hanging clothes can, of course, to psychological quality.