What does the inflatable doll feel like?

A simulation adult sex toy, to replace real people to meet sexual needs. Inflatable dolls for men and women can be separated, and are usually available in adult supply stores. This toy is different from children’s dolls. It is made of silicone or plastic. After inflation, it is close to the size of an adult. It is soft and elastic after inflation. It can be reused after deflation. The genitals of male inflatable dolls usually resemble real people. It is made of human skin and is soft and lifelike. It is similar to the current hot flashlight.

What does the inflatable doll feel like

The genitals are made of super soft silicone, which feels good in touch and touch, and is inflated and life-sized, can be held for sleep, and the load-bearing capacity is generally above 200 kg, which is more durable. More comfortable than real people? You can do whatever you want, and you can play as much as you want. Inflatable dolls can get wet, hot, twisted, and even the creases of the skin come to life.

Inflatable dolls are generally in the shape of beautiful women, with a vagina, anus and an open mouth, allowing men to put the dildo in the hole, rubbing and producing pleasure; strong male love dolls are in the shape of strong men to satisfy themselves Demand. This doll can prevent diseases such as prostatitis, impotence, and premature ejaculation, especially for regulating coldness. The objects of sale are mainly women and gay men. In the 21st century, sex dolls are made of gels with shape memory (in recent years, resins have also been used, which have the same touch as real skin and muscles, and have spherical joints, which can make different actions. Instead of real people To meet orgasm, easy to carry and clean, can be used repeatedly.

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