What do love hotels all over the world look like?

In the Edo period of Japan, some inns and tea houses set up secret passages for lovers or special groups to try out. This is the embryonic form of love hotels. There are more than 30,000 love hotels in Japan, so of course, our first stop is:

Sex power Japan

The themes of prisons, classrooms, and clinics can almost be found here as long as they are the scenes of your dreams, and the scenes are so realistic, I believe that those who like to watch oriental movies will be familiar with them.

Imagine that there are large mirrors on all sides, accompanied by the noise of the subway, in this empty tram car, holding the handrails together, I believe it will be enough to satisfy your “public space” complex.

There are also many themes that are very eye-catching, such as “Little Nurse’s Clinic”, “Pristine Tropical Rainforest”, and “Showa Style” full of erotic pictures.

Romantic and luxurious France

I don’t know why the love hotel seems to fit the French tonality. The whole room is full of the sinful glitz of capitalism. Large bathtub, hexagonal crystal, black mirror, here has a sense of refinement and nobility.

Rigorous and innovative Germany

A love hotel in Germany looks like an industrial-style science man in his bones. Since the imagination of each room is too wild, the hotel designer has also prepared a room manually.

Exciting and bold Meiying

American taste is a kind of comfortable mood, magnificent, noble, and cultural, no matter what must be big, such as their “mandarin duck playing in the water” is like this.

You must be surrounded by nature and appreciate your own American deep kiss with 20 circular mirrors, and the British, which inherits the same line, advocates baroque exquisite luxury.

Under the development of the era (fuji), SM-style hotels have also appeared, with dozens of various props, and those who like new ones can rent dozens moreā€¦

There is no other half, you can choose to buy a sex doll as your other half, and you can realize all your sexual fantasies.