Solid doll joint movement essentials

Due to material and structure reasons, we suggest that the doll should not be kept in the same action for too long, or it may be damaged due to too much tension.


Torso: front, back, left and right, rotation Angle should not exceed 30 degrees.(100Cm series waist is fixed joint)

Head: movement Angle should not exceed 30 degrees.

Legs: thigh to the outside of the lifting Angle should not exceed 80 degrees, should not exceed 75 degrees forward, should not exceed 30 degrees backward

Bend crus backward unfavorable exceed 70 degrees. Don’t bend your ankles more than 45 degrees.

The arm should not be raised more than 80 degrees laterally and 75 degrees laterally

The left and right arm movement Angle should not exceed 60 degrees, the left and right rotation should not exceed 45 degrees. Palm movement should not exceed 65 degrees

Tips: all the above values are only the maximum values, please do not try to do too much operation, so as not to cause irreversible skin tear.


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